Governing By Twits…… er…… Tweets.

    Is this what we’ve come to as a nation ? Truncated, grammatically incorrect passages of actual policy that are never put in any media and meant only for those who are online and in line with the current administration and their goals for a Statist/Totalitarian government. Here’s a link to a news article including an actual Twit…… um…… Tweet……… “@PressSec is using this new | Read More »

    Jennifer Brunner… desperate or on a roll?

    You guys are probably tired of hearing me yap about Jennifer Brunner. But I can’t help it. Every time I calm down her name somehow arises from the bad nut of the ACORN tree and gets me agitated again. For those of you who don’t know (God forbid) who she is, she is the notorious Secretary of State in Ohio, who was put into office | Read More »

    Are Conservatives Willing to go to Jail for Justice?

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    Twitter and the Conservative Movement

    If you’re reading this, then no doubt you know the profound impact the blogs, such as Red State, have had on politics and political movements. Blogs have allowed the individual to broadcast their lives to many different people who would otherwise not take notice. The website Twitter is often ridiculed in my circle of friends but they do not understand the value of it. Like | Read More »

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    Michael Moore To Boycott Constitution

    On Twitter today, Jake Tapper points to a Michael Moore tweet, screencapped below: Certainly there is some humor in the idea of a Michael Moore-led boycott of an entire state as being anything the state would notice, but it gets even funnier when you realize how ignorant the outrage industry on the left really can be. For example, take at look at this excerpt from | Read More »

    GOP.AM: Making Long URLs… Conservative

    What a cool idea. GOP.AM

    Jake Tapper illustrates the use of Twitter.

    Somebody in the regular media was whining about what the point of Twitter was, a few days ago.  The answer? Rerouting around obstacles. hey Chinese government – i found a way to sneak around your firewall on my laptop to get to twitter. Dont fear freedom, Chinese government. He’s also commenting on the ChiComs’ attempt to stop American media from interviewing students. Sounds like there | Read More »

    Twitter for Thee, Not Me

    President Barack Obama admitted Monday to a group of students in Shanghai, China that, while billed as the most tech savvy President in history, he doesn’t use Twitter. When asked by a student if he was aware of China’s firewall blocking the popular micro-blogging service, Obama forewent his tech friendly reputation, saying, “I have never used Twitter but I’m an advocate of technology and not | Read More »

    Gallimaufry Open Thread

    In honor of Fire Joe Morgan getting the band back together for a day, we bring you a gallimaufry Open Thread. Moe Lane was interviewed at Blogometer. Teaser: “Why, Moe? Why?” Google is not letting go of the Google Voice-to-iPhone Net Neutrality issue, having re-released an unredacted version of its letter to the FCC. It’s going to be delicious when T-Mobile USA bans Skype on | Read More »

    How New Media Will (and Must) Surround Earned-Traditional Media: The Rest of the Rally Story

    I reviewed the Salt Lake Tribune coverage of Saturday’s 9-12 rally where approximately 2,000 had gathered in support of common principles and values. I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you. First, as you know I’m running for U.S. Senate in Utah. I’m running on principles for a change. There are some good men in this race who desire to represent the people of | Read More »

    Is CNN Faking Sarah Palin’s Twitter Page?

    One of today’s CNN Political Ticker stories is titled, “Is Palin getting ready to tweet again?”  The article says: No tweets have yet been sent from her new Twitter account. What’s interesting is the Twitter page graphic that says its from Palin’s new SarahPalinUSA account but it has published tweets on it.

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    Time for Us to Take the Fight to the Democrats

    Ladies & gentlemen, we have been handed a great opportunity by the Democrats in the House. As you may have heard, the Franking Commission will not let House Republicans send information… This is a HUGE opportunity for those of us in the grassroots to take the ball & run it to the house, to use a football analogy. We are the ones to take this | Read More »

    What is this obsession Democrats have with transforming their heroes into religious icons?

    First it was the messianic depictions of Obama’s head surrounded by a halo or pasted onto pictures of Jesus or depicted in a white, glowing robe…a quick search of “Obama Jesus” on Google Images finds numerous examples of this (of course some of these are mocking the messianic complex the Left has about their hero).  Now a prominent Democrat has decided that President Obama’s Supreme | Read More »

    Palin, Social Media, and the Blueprint

    That I am a fan of Sarah Palin is not, I think, a secret.  That I did absolutely nothing for the 2008 election until McCain named Palin as his running mate is true.  That I regard Sarah Palin as the future of the Republican Party, and absolutely the most astonishing politician I have seen since Ronald Reagan, may be sign of bias and foolishness on | Read More »

    Bipartisan Resolution to Stand With Iranian Dissidents

    The unrest in Iran continues apace, and while the media coverage remains sparse, word nevertheless gets out of Iran thanks to our modern age and, in particular, to Twitter. As Moe notes, the situation is complex. The cast of key figures holds few heroes. But then, it’s not really about Mousavi, is it? It’s about the thousands of individual Iranians, from citizen reporters on Twitter | Read More »