Looking good for TX-07, TX-22.

    Via AoSHQ’s headline feature, Doubleplusundead has some good news on that front. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Lampson (D) in TX-22 is fading against Olson (R), while Culberson (R) in TX-07 is maintaining his own lead. The NRCC has an ad out for Olsen: …which is probably going to give Democrats fits, which is always nice. Anyway, Culberson is currently being outspent by challenger | Read More »

    Nick Lampson Lies. The TV Station Is Unhappy

    How desperate is Nick Lampson in TX-22? He sent out an email blast the other day that read Prosecutors were quick to move on a felony complaint that was filed after evidence was discovered showing Pete Olson (with the same addresses and signature of candidate Olson) voted and maintained voter registration in Connecticut and Virginia. Voter fraud is a felony in both states. It’s a | Read More »

    In TX-22, Will Nick Lampson Get His Wife’s Vote?

    Tonight, liberal incumbent Nick Lampson and conservative challenger Pete Olson will debate at a candidate’s forum. Or at least they’re scheduled to debate – who knows if Lampson will actually show up, since he’s skipped out on these irritating debate things before. If I were one of the Texas-22 citizen questioners attending this debate, I would ask a simple question of Congressman Lampson: does Lampson | Read More »

    Hilarity Ensues in TX-22 at Nick Lampson’s Expense

    The NRCC has yanked ads from TX-22, where they’d been pouring money in to Pete Olson’s campaign against Nick Lampson. According to documents obtained by FortBendNow, the NRCC had initially planned to spend $1,489, 320 on television ads in the Houston market, but has now reduced that amount to $593,730. The NRCC has not commented on the reason for the almost $900,000 cut. The Lampson | Read More »

    In TX-22, Who’s Endorsement Would You Prefer?

    In TX-22, Democrat Nick Lampson, formerly the most endangered House Democrat (now #2 behind Tim Mahoney), picked up the Houston Chronicle’s endorsement. Whoopee. The Chronicle says Lampson might become chairman of the subcommittee on NASA related stuff if he gets re-elected. Meanwhile, Pete Olson, the Republican challenger, picked up the endorsement of Louisiana’s conservative reformer, Gov. Bobby Jindal. I think I’d take Jindal over the | Read More »

    25 Most Competitive House Races

    The guys at RealClearPolitics have made their list (in order) of the 25 most competitive House races. Some basic outlines of the House races: 1) GOP retirements have made this likely to be a good year for DEMs; 2) There are some DEM freshman in heavily GOP seats that the GOP could get back; 3) The Party ID advantage that DEMs have created is helping | Read More »

    The Nick Lampson Identity Crisis

    TX-22’s own