From the Russian press, 6/21-6/28

    Why I’m doing these. Two articles this week. I’ve settled down on three a week as a reasonable schedule, translating one on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; you’re getting an early update this week because I have a family reunion this weekend.

    TGIF Contest (Happy Hour Challenge)

    I wanted to revisit this item that I noted yesterday: The bronze frog will appear towards the Independence Day in Kyiv. It is planned to place on Peizazhnaya alley. Author of frog, sculptor Oleg Pynchuk has nearly completed plaster copy of amphibian. The frog will weight 6 tons! Okay, here’s the TGIF Happy Hour Challenge: Find some way to blame this on “Global Warming”…. First | Read More »

    Large Amphibian Open Thread

    Yikes: The bronze frog will appear towards the Independence Day in Kyiv. It is planned to place on Peizazhnaya alley. Author of frog, sculptor Oleg Pynchuk has nearly completed plaster copy of amphibian. The frog will weight 6 tons! The-FP-has-been-too-quiet-for-too-long open thread….

    Today’s Headlines — April 16, 2009 Calderon to press Obama on drug war Emphasizes element of U.S. blame —- Napolitano stands by controversial report Top Democrat says he’s ‘dumbfounded’ — Treasury banking on return of billions Tries to stretch bailout funds — Fenty drops paid holiday he backed in ’04 Defends budget cut for Emancipation Day — Ukraine’s Orange Revolution fades into disillusion — McAuliffe | Read More »

    Superstition and government incompetence = millions of Ukrainians now vulnerable to preventable diseases

    Conservatives for Science: Just imagine the kind of campaign you would orchestrate if your goal was to cause the maximum harm to the most vulnerable members of society. It would look a lot like Ukraine, where antivaxxer superstition (deliberately fanned by the homeopathic industry) and government incompetence may lead to millions of Ukrainians being denied common vaccines. AP: Vaccine scare threatens health in Ukraine A | Read More »

    Checkmate, Ukraine

    As Russia expands to build air bases in both Cuba and Venezuela, Obama’s foreign policy ineptitude begins to show just how very different from JFK he really is.  The Monroe Doctrine, which is about 188 years old, has been a longstanding pillar of American foreign policy that disallows any major European power, including Russia, from building up military power in our hemisphere.  It has led | Read More »

    Viktor Yushchenko – A Prototype for the Impending Tragedy of Barack Obama?

    As regular readers probably know, one of the portfolios your humble correspondent holds here at RedState is the portfolio for eastern Europe; this is because I have numerous business-related interests there, and visit many of the countries regularly. One of the countries pretty high up on that list of “regulars” is Ukraine; thus, during my morning browse-around, I visit a number of English-language media outlets | Read More »

    10 Worrisome Signals on Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy and National Security

    President Barack Obama’s election hasn’t ushered in all the good international feelings he hoped for. Some of our thorniest problems under Bush are getting even thornier: Russia, which rebuked NATO over Georgia’s membership by invading Georgia, has bribed Kyrgyzstan into shutting down a U.S. supply base for Afghanistan, pressured Ukraine and others on energy supplies, and threatened the U.S. with retaliation over missile defenses in Europe. North Korea | Read More »

    The Kremlin Picks Up Speed – Remember “Sevastopol”

    As regular readers know, I’m trying to keep up with this situation and keep everyone informed. As I’ve said many times (and said why), the Russians are in a big hurry. And today we got another piece of evidence that they see their chance and are picking up speed. More below the fold….

    Has Russia Overplayed Its Hand In This Gas Crisis?

    Over the past couple of weeks, your humble correspondent has been writing regularly about various aspects of the ongoing gas crisis that’s been kicked off by Russia, directed at Ukraine, and causing fallout all over Europe – in the middle of winter, and a cold one at that. You can find previous scribblings here, here, here, here, and here. As events unfold, is it possible | Read More »

    Russia Wishes Europe A Merry Christmas

    The Orthodox Church in eastern Europe still uses the un-reset Julian calendar (Gregorian modifications added, but no resetting to account for the temporal drift that had occurred), leaving the two calendars offset by some 13 days. Thus, in the Orthodox liturgy, today (January 7th) is Christmas Day. Most of the Orthodox countries and churches long ago reset their official Christmas holiday to December 25th; ecumenical | Read More »

    Russia’s “Gas Offensive” Expands

    One of the supposed side-benefits of the collapse of the price of hydrocarbons is that various noxious jurisdictions – which had been flush on petro-dollars – have much lower cash-flow and thus much less ability to cause trouble. However, one overlooked economic error involves focusing solely on the “price” of something in the open marketplace. If you need something but can’t get it, the price | Read More »

    A Lousy Start To 2009 . . . For Ukraine And For Much Of Europe As Well

    For those who still have doubts concerning Russia’s desire to bully its neighbors, I refer you to this story, which reveals the degree to which Russia is willing to go to show just how much hegemonic power it can exercise over other former Soviet states–and by extension, over Europe itself: Russia was preparing to turn off gas deliveries to neighbouring Ukraine on Thursday, raising the | Read More »

    Russia Wishes Ukraine A Happy New Year

    In yesterday’s pondering-2009 essay, I devoted a bit of time to the likely troubles that Russia is likely to be causing on the world scene. One key problem Russia now faces is that the price of hydrocarbons has collapsed – which will of course weaken its nice revenue stream. However, there is one factor that basically is beyond money. For almost the entirety of “Europe,” | Read More »

    Today In History – 6 December 1240

    (This post had been intended for deposition on Saturday morning; however, this was pre-empted by the site difficulties.  This is cutdown version.  See the end for further information.) With all my travel to and around Ukraine, I have indeed made it to Kyiv (that’s the Ukrainian version of “Kiev”). Kyiv is beyond beautiful. Kyiv is majestic. Kyiv began as a Norse outpost. As Viking traders | Read More »