I’m tempted to start all my posts with “Herewith, a brief primer…” now.

    In the process of revisiting his ripping into Gerson/Wehner’s Commentary piece, RS McCain creates his ultimate editor’s rejection letter: You thieving scoundrel: We pay writers by the word. I’ve consulted our lawyers, who agree that your effort to get me to pay you for the sentence, “Herewith, a brief primer,” constitutes attempted petty larceny by the laws of this state and may also be prosecuted | Read More »

    How to ruin a professional agitation group’s day.

    It’s actually not that hard. Figure out which professional agitation group typically runs faux-populist demonstrations in your area. Subscribe to their email list and/or website. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM IN CONVERSATION AND/OR DISCUSSION. You merely want to keep up with what they’re doing. When they announce a protest, note the time and date. Contact your local, actual conservative grassroots group. On the day of the | Read More »