The Teamsters & the Mob: Just when you thought we were past all that…

    Just when the SEIU was starting to dominate the union press these days, the good old Teamsters have to come along and steal the show for a few minutes. Yeah.  They’ve got a history they’d just as soon forget…except when it’s not really history. From a Justice Department press release on Tuesday: Indictment Unsealed Charging Colombo Family Administration Member Theodore Persico and Seven Other Defendants | Read More »

    Labor Department makes rules to expose union corruption

    From Paul Pringle at the LA Times: The U.S. Labor Department, in the final hours of the Bush administration, has toughened standards to require most unions to publicly report nearly all compensation and expenses for officers and employees, the agency announced Friday. Also broadened were disclosure requirements for the sale and purchase of property, with the aim of revealing whether any union officers or employees | Read More »

    Unions to Organize for Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist?

    A recent AP piece lauded the fact that the envirosocialist movement and American labor unions are at long last beginning to walk hand in hand. At the “climate talks” in Poland, several American union groups sent representatives to announce common cause on going green. The AP report noted that the Sierra Club, a longtime environmentalist group, announced support for the inaptly named Employee Free Choice | Read More »

    SEIU Again Accused of Fixing Vote

    A pattern has emerged concerning the expansion of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and that is one of rushed contracts that supposedly “give too much away” to the employers. Of course, I won’t comment of the supposed “giving too much away” aspect, but one thing that I will comment on is the propensity of the SEIU to get their contracts by hook or by | Read More »

    Unions Threatened Riots if No Bailout

    Last week, Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers union, threatened to foster riots if the $900 billion bailout didn’t get through Congress. “If we have Republicans who oppose us, we are going to take to the streets, we are going to occupy places. We are not going to allow any more of our members’ lives to be destroyed,” he warned in a conference call | Read More »

    Detroit Carpenters Union Chief Under Further Investigation

    -By Warner Todd Huston Convicted of corruption charges in 2006, Walter Ralph Marbry is under a cloud once again for further charges that he is involved in illegal activities connected with his former role as head of the Detroit Carpenter’s union. Convicted of receiving more than “$120,000 in illegally discounted work on his Grosse Pointe Park home,” Marbry is also being looked at for receiving | Read More »

    Union Stifles Modern Auto Innovation

    Where is the most innovative, cost effective, and modern auto manufacturing plant in the world? It sure as heck isn’t in the USA. Why isn’t it here, in a country that has traditionally been at the top of the game for innovation? The one word answer: Unions. The state-of-the-art auto manufacturing plant in question is in Bahia, Brazil. Sadly, it is a U.S. carmaker that | Read More »

    Protests Intensify Over Local Union Takeover By SEIU

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is still going ahead with its plans to perpetrate a hostile takeover of California local California Healthcare Workers union (UHW). Naturally, the local isn’t too happy to be forcefully dissolved and integrated into the SEIU national and losing their identity.The UHW folks with their president Sal Roselli in the lead, are staging all sorts of protests and efforts to | Read More »

    Union Prez Banned From Union For Life!

    Oh, the humanities! It has been determined by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) that troubled local president Tyrone Freeman is to be banned for life from the union. Gosh, what a horrible fate, eh? One wonders if he can be reinstated with back pay after he dies. Bet he does! The Service Employees International Union has imposed a lifetime ban on the former president | Read More »

    Will Southern Dems Torpedo Themselves By Voting Card Check?

    Politico has some interesting analysis on the purported divisions among Democrats going into the future. They may have majority control of Congress on its face, but do they have enough of a controlling majority to push through some of their most egregiously extreme measures like the pro-union card check idea contained in the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)? According to Politico the “fault lines” in | Read More »

    Fed. Employee’s Labor Chief’s Demands Presented to Obama

    And it begins. President of the National Treasury Employees Union, one of the Federal government’s largest labor unions, has drawn up her demands for president-elect Obama to fulfill as payback for union support for his candidacy. Colleen M. Kelly has announced her demands and two of them are quite controversial. The first, that the employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) get unionized, shows that | Read More »

    Another Example of Hypocritical Politics on Secret Ballots

    As the Democratic caucus angles to pass the badly named Employee Free Choice Act, a law that will actually take away the choice of a secret ballot for millions of America’s workers, we get one more example of how Democrats in Congress allocate things for themselves that they refuse to allow others to enjoy. In the nasty infighting between Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) and John | Read More »

    California: 3rd Top SEIU Official Steps Down Ahead of Corruption

    Yet another Top Service Employees International Union (SEIU) chief has stepped down from her office at the troubled and corrupt California branch of the union this month according to the L.A.Times.Annelle Grajeda is the third major SEIU leader to be forced to step down just ahead of major legal troubles over corruption. Grajeda’s boyfriend, Alejandro Stephens, has also been ordered to repay tens of thousands | Read More »

    What a Democrat Win Will Mean

    Michael Sandler over at The Hill has some ominous warnings about what a landslide Democrat victory next week will mean to unions and the economy.Sandler warns that unions will find a resurgence in influence in government, especially with an Obama presidency.With those obstacles removed, Democrats could quickly push forward with legislation allowing labor unions to organize without secret-ballot elections and a bill expanding the State | Read More »

    Calif. Teachers Outraged Over Dues Going to Gay Marriage Cause

    The Pacific Justice Institute reported that teachers in California are outraged that over one million dollars of their dues money has been spent by union leaders to promote gay marriage and to fight Proposition 8, a proposal that would restore the traditional definition of marriage in Calif. Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, recently claimed that if gay marriage becomes recognized in California, school | Read More »