Causation, Correlation and Detroit

    Let us stipulate that the collapse of Detroit, MI and its recent Chapter Nine bankruptcy filing represents an all-American train wreck of inexcusable dimension. Detroit went from being considered by some the Athens of The West to having a credit rating and crime problem more reminiscent of the Mogadishu of The Midlands. So many people are blamed for the current state of Detroit. But most of what you read is patently illogical.

    Those who have no desire to deal with the truth tend to deliberately invert the mechanisms by which Detroit, MI was reduced to an ash heap reminiscent of Hiroshima without the expenditure of thermonuclear ordnance. The general technique of obscuring what went wrong in Detroit is to deliberately conflate causation with correlation. I’ve read a lot of biased writing over the last few days about Detroit. In every case, the thesis of the article, editorial, or blog post involves describing a result of Detroit’s stupidity as the fountainhead of the stupid itself.

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    The Lame Ducks: Union bosses gone green over Cap & Trade

    If you haven’t caught this yet, you may want to sit down for a moment.  After you’re done reading this, you should go to  Now here’s why: The Obama Administration may be plotting to foist “Cap & Tax” on hard-working Americans (and their employers) after the mid-term elections, but before the new Congress gets sworn in [via Politico]: The plan is to conference the | Read More »