Card Check: Seeing Unicorns and Rainbows in Hades

    The New York Times is attempting to spin gold from straw, telling us unicorns are real, expecting the Tooth Fairy to bring a windfall. At least, that is what it seems if we are to believe the Times’ fantasy card check union story from April 20. You see, the Times believes that an overwhelming anti-union vote held via secret ballot is proof that card check | Read More »

    The Corruption of Card Check: Ohio Union FAKES Member’s Signature Cards

    One of the more objectionable features of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the card check feature wherein a union can simply gather publicly signed cards by employees agreeing to become unionized, thereby eliminating the secret vote for the workers. Opponents say this process is ripe for union abuse leaving workers open to any sort of intimidation and quashing their vote of conscience. If | Read More »

    Free Choice Act!

    I just joined “paint Maine red” web site. I am dressing it up, and this Google ad wont stop staring at me. The ad goes like this, Help Maine workers, Tell Senator Snowe to support the employee Free Choice Act. I have written enough about the taste those Wicked Witches Of The Northeast leave in my mouth. I love how Democrats coin there words. Free | Read More »

    Big Unions Angle to Eliminate Small Ones

    We’ve talked about it several times here on the blog; the hostile takeover of smaller unions. It has been Andy Stern’s main modus operandi (President of the Service Employees International Union or SEIU). The idea is to roll into the territory of a local, smaller union, make back room deals with the employers to get their assistance, and then lead a forced take over of | Read More »

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    Not a free choice: Union card check (EFCA) to be introduced to Congress tomorrow

    Cross posted to The Political Class. The Employee Free Choice Act will be proposed in both houses of Congress tomorrow. Via David Freddoso at NRO’s The Corner, and his excellent full NRO article, as well. And passage looks likely. It’s not really a question in the House, which passed the EFCA two years ago (the measure failed to secure the 60 Senate votes needed for | Read More »

    Union Opposes Rail Safety Suggestion, Instead Offers to Enlarge Membership

    The United Transportation Union is coming out against a rail safety measure suggestion because, the union claims, the idea violates the “privacy” of union employees. Instead of agreeing to the safety measure, however, the union used a recent accident that killed 25 train passengers as an excuse to try and force companies to double the number of train operators, thereby enlarging union membership. Put succinctly, | Read More »

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    Union Execs Meet at Swanky Resort Hotel

    As union members lose their jobs all across the country, the AFL-CIO executive council met at a luxury hotel in Miami Beach, Florida this week. The union bigwigs met at the Fontainebleau where the cheapest room rings up at $400 dollars a night. Were I a union member, I might take exception to such extravagance for union bosses. Especially in an economy like this.

    SEIU Prez DID Meet With Corrupt Ill. Governor

    When States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald announced the investigation of the pay-to-play scandal centered around Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich there came to light a meeting between Blago and a top officer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). There was no indication of what the meeting was about and at fist no one knew who the SEIU representative was. Later it came out that Blago met | Read More »

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    SEIU ‘Charity’ For Union Members Nets Nothing While Chief Makes Thousands

    SEIU chief Alejandro Stephens not only benefited from some nasty double dipping with his undeserved salary, but he made thousands running a so-called charity that was to benefit union members, even though that “charity” ended up losing money netting nothing for the rank and file members. It’s a sweet deal if you can get it. It just might be, though, that Stephens has finally been | Read More »

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    Top Reasons To Bail Out The UAW…According to Sheila Jackson Lee And Other Democrats

    I am listening to Neil Cavuto interview Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) on why we should bail out the Big Three Auto Companies…, unions.Reason #1-“it is necessary to the war on terror” (Yes, this one from Sheila, she is the only one who thinks her constituents are so stupid as to fall for that one…they may very well be). Yes you heard it right. Sheila wants | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 10, 2008 advisers defend Palin weighs Cabinet, early action aim to collect on White House clout in Burma: Money for molasses’s anti-Taliban support risky see inroads in N. Virginia’s exurbs Post concedes bias for Obama Obama voters conciliatory Civil anti-terrorist protection?Maria Stainer Assistant Managing Editor Continuous News Desk The Washington Times

    Big Labor’s got a great plan… if you’re completely off your nut!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at up on a couple of items from earlier in the week… remember how the Ocean State out east surpassed Michigan on the economic blight meter?  And remember how the Grand Rapids Teachers Union was continuing to illustrate sheer, unadulterated lunacy by moving forward with plans for an illegal teachers strike?  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, | Read More »

    What to get the superstar rapper who has everything? How about a calendar!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at darn it.  Why can’t I talk about the important issues?  We’re now under two weeks to go before folks head to the polls here in Michigan to elect 110 members of the state House, fifteen members of Congress, a US Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, decide on a couple of ballot proposals and pretty much select the leaders who | Read More »

    And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad…

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at to wake up on a Friday morning and to discover that the world is still every bit as backwards and maddening as it was when you went to bed Thursday night. Frankly, I’m not sure what I’d do if I ever woke up and found a sudden outbreak of sanity running roughshod over the state and across the newspaper | Read More »

    Seeing Red Over VEA Blue

    I realize this is a week late, but it is worth garnering attention. The teacher’s union in VA (VEA) sent an e-mail to its members encouraging them to wear blue-colored shirts to school to show their support for Barack Obama.