Rasmussen: Most Americans Oppose Union’s Card Check Ideas

    One of the main premises of the Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the card check feature. This feature eliminates the right of potential union employees to have the benefit of a secret ballot when they vote for or against organizing under a union. Recently, Rasmussen did a poll on the basic concept to see what the prevailing feelings were and it looks like | Read More »

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    Teachers Union Seeks to Impair Charter Schools

    During its late conference held during the Independence Day holiday weekend, the National Education Association took up a series of new resolutions that targeted charter schools. The union was looking for ways to reign in the success of charter schools to make their own woeful attempts at education in the public schools look better. The union was also looking for ways to cash in on | Read More »

    No Contract, No Cookies…and, Now, No Job! Union Bosses Get the Milk, Members Get Crumbs

    However, unlike her members, Ms. Alston didn’t seem to struggle too much in 2008 as, according to the union’s 2008 financial statement, Ms. Alston raked in $115,259 in total compensation (plus another $6,563 from the BCT’s international) while the local’s Vice President Joseph Svingala took in $108,345 last year. Meanwhile, the union’s international president, Frank Hurt, raked in $250,441 in 2008.

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    State Workers Worried About Losing ‘Cadillac’ Medical Benefits

    If you want to see the logical disconnect of unions and their lap dog lawmakers where it concerns costs to government, one need look no further than the over indulgent healthcare plan that New Hampshire’s state workers have been lavished with. On July 4, the Boston Globe published a story that details the incredibly rich healthcare plan that state workers have succeeded in getting due | Read More »

    SEIU’s Way or the Highway

    I have a few questions for all you non-union employees out there (which is 80% of America). Can you lobby your employer for a raise any time you feel like it even when your company is nearly bankrupted? And, do you have employees that can get off work to do so when ever they want to? And do you have bosses that are also one | Read More »

    Unions Stand In Way of Calif. Budget Reform

    Governor Schwarzenegger said it exactly right. Unions and lap-dog, Democrat legislators in Sacramento are doing their best to make sure that everyone but they have to sacrifice to save California’s budget. The governor told reporters that unions and Democrats are telling Californians, “We want you to make the sacrifices but we in Sacramento don’t want to make any sacrifices or any changes.” Unions are pointing | Read More »

    Union President Stern the Hand in Obama’s Puppet?

    The L.A. Times had a very interesting piece last week on the unusually close relationship between Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern and President Obama. The story revealed how Stern “enjoys unusual access to the White House,” and how often Stern is invited to attend meetings the administration holds on policy even as other union heads are left out of the loop. The piece | Read More »

    The Dem payoff to unions continues with health care bill

    The Dems are looking at taxing health insurance benefits …. except for union members. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, the chief congressional advocate of taxing some employer-provided benefits to help pay for a $1 trillion overhaul of the U.S. health system, says any change should exempt perks secured in existing collective-bargaining agreements, which can be in place for as long as five years. The | Read More »


    And Another Bad Part of the EFCA…

    Of course we’ve talked endlessly about the fact that the Democrat’s Orwellian named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) eliminates the employee’s free choice to vote for or against unionization using the ages-old democratic practice of a secret ballot. Who hasn’t, right? In fact, we’ve talked about it so much that even Democrats are turning against this aspect of the act and this is one of | Read More »

    To Pay for Obamacare, Tax Raises for America… Except Union Members

    The Senate is about to pay off the unions for helping get Obama elected. Senator Max Baucus (D, Mont.) looks to be about ready to propose a plan to pay for Obama’s massive, more than $1 trillion in new government spending on healthcare by instituting a new tax on many employees that currently have healthcare through their workplace (nearly 1 in 8 workers according to | Read More »

    Are you a ‘Healthcare Worker’ By Taking Care of Your Own Son?

    I suppose, strictly speaking, if you are a mother that takes care of a developmentally disabled son, well, I guess you might be considered a “healthcare worker” of a kind. Also, I could easily see the state being such a buttinski that it forces such a mother to get “training” to take care of her own son in order to receive state aid. That seems | Read More »

    Why do Democrats Hate Our Soldier’s Kids?

    Last Friday the Wall Street Journal once again excoriated the president and his henchmen in that mis-educational system so larded with self-interested union thugs (and other Democrats) by pointing out how these ne’er-do-wells are attempting to kill the D.C. school voucher program that has done so much good for so many minority, inner city kids in the Nation’s capitol. But the end of the editorial | Read More »

    When We Voted for Unions to Run State Gov’t…

    It’s a good thing that California’s public employee union is taking it’s rightful place at the head of our government by proposing new taxes for us to pay. Why when we voted to give a union power to control government, I… oh, wait. No one ever voted to put a union in charge of government fiscal policy or give them the role of creating new | Read More »

    Great Ad from the California GOP

    Something tells me that this is a theme that successful Republican candidates will be hitting on in 2010: Labor leaders are calling the shots in Washington, and taxpayers will pay the cost for bailing out GM’s health care and retirement plans, ‘protecting’ unionized jobs through Buy America, and spending hundreds of billions on public works jobs that utilize mostly unionized workers. If Card Check ultimately | Read More »

    Tough Times Doesn’t Stop Union Chief’s Salary Double Dipping?

    Last month the Las Vegas Sun had an interesting extended interview with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andy Stern in which he claimed that the Culinary union is “going through some tough economic times.” Not surprising in this economy, but tough times or not, it doesn’t seem that these economic conditions are stopping one of Culinary’s union bosses from double dipping his salary. David | Read More »