GM is soon to announce its new concept-the Obama.

    The future is here, brought to you by the bailed-out engineers at USGMAC. First, let’s not even call it a car.  That’s been deemed racist, or sexist.  Or both.  This is activism with its training wheels off.  A green-dream-machine given form.  Except there won’t be any machinery to speak of.  The only working cog will be the operator. Marvel at the first car designed by | Read More »

    As The Nation’s Workforce Suffers, Government’s Thrives

    Our stern and earnest president told us that it is time for Americans to sacrifice. Gone are the good times, he’s told us. We are in for austere days, he says. Sacrifice, people, sacrifice. That is the word of the day. Well, it’s the word for we commoners, anyway. For if you happen to be looking at government don’t expect to find any “sacrifice” going | Read More »

    Fake ‘Comments’ Supporting EFCA Posted All Over the Web

    Recently, an effort to post all across the web fake comments supporting a key union cause has been discovered. In Internet activist talk, this is called “astroturfing.” The term describes a campaign of fake comments posted on multiple websites where articles are discussing any particular issue about which the “astroturfers” want to have their position known. In this case the issue is the discussion of | Read More »

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    EFCA: This is Lunacy

    Patrick McIheran has a short piece on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website that is a pretty good read. I think you should all check it out in its entirety here. The piece has several links to other articles in it, but the main point is about the overgenerous and unfunded pension plans that unions all across the country have been foolishly allowed to negotiate. These | Read More »

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    A Taste of Their Own Medicine – Tax Unions

    Since President Obama has said ‘everyone needs to have skin in the game,’ we should take him at his word.  The Democrats plan to tax corporation at a higher rate and limit loopholes that allow businesses to protect some of their assets offshore, it would only seem fair that we begin looker for other revenue streams as well.  There are many revenue sources that have, | Read More »

    Union Local’s Sham Expenditures? $93,755 on ‘Computer Services’?

    Larry Seale of First Transit Employee Rights Blog found an odd expenditure for Los Angeles based Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1277 early this month. The vexing question here is why would a Local union office need to spend $93,755 on “computer services”? What are they doing, rebuilding flight control for NASA? On the Local’s LM-2 form, a financial disclosure form required by the federal | Read More »


    White House Invites Unions to Set Public Policy

    ABC and others report that the Obama administration has invited union representatives to participate in conference calls with state and local officials, which have been held to set guidelines for how ‘stimulus’ money is spent. As first reported in the Los Angeles Times, California officials have said that representatives of the Service Employees International Union were given unprecedented access to an April 15 conference call | Read More »

    Obama Gives Union Veto Power on State Funds

    When does an unelected union without legal governing powers get a say in what the federal government does with its dealings with a state? When a president that is more beholding to unions than he is to the Constitution and the people of the United States comes to office, that’s when. And now we have that in Barack Obama. The L.A. Times is reporting that | Read More »

    Make Mine Freedom. Dr. Utopia’s ISM Inc. by Hanna-Barbera.

    Make Mine Freedom. Dr. Utopia’s ISM Inc. by Hanna-Barbera. Hanna-Barbera nailed it back in 1948. Well done to redplanetcartoons for finding this video. Make Mine Freedom “Everything is fine…everything is fine” looks a lot like The Fairness Doctrine.

    Union Members Don’t Even Trust Union

    The New York City carpenters union has been in trouble with the law for many decades. Organized crime has been endemic with the union for a long time and union chief after union chief has gone to jail over the ties and other corruption. Even shop stewards have gotten into the corruption game with four recently convicted on charges of fraud, conspiracy or bribetaking. It’s | Read More »

    Obama gets tough with California

    Noticed this on Drudge. It’s the LA Times’ most viewed story today, even though it’s not close to the top story on their front page. You think Californians might be worried? Another example of Obama strongarming his opponents. So much for state’s rights. Oh, and just to complete the trifecta, the wage cuts that Obama wants restored are to workers in the healthcare union.,0,4592200.story | Read More »

    Obama Group Still Racking Up Voter Fraud Indictments/Convictions

    The Association of Community Activists for Reform Now (ACORN) is still racking up indictments and convictions for voter fraud across the nation. ACORN is closely tied to President Obama, he having worked for them when he lived in Chicago and they having heavily supported his candidacy. Additionally, former ACORN members have flocked to the Obama administration since his win in November last. For instance, in | Read More »

    Labor Shying from Supporting New Dem Specter?

    Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) appears to be warning his membership that there is no lock on allegiance for Arlen Specter even though he has recently jumped the GOP ship for the Democrat Party. On May 3, Stern used his twitter account to praise Congressman Joe Sestak, a possible 2010 opponent for Specter for the Democratic Party nomination for Penn. | Read More »

    Union Campaign To Destroy Grocery Chain

    The United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) has engaged in a guerrilla war to destroy Arizona based Bashas’ Food Stores and the grocer has about had it with the lies and underhanded attacks. So, this week Bashas sent out a mailer to the citizens of the metro Phoenix area to try to re-direct the PR war to a more equal footing. The union has | Read More »


    ACORN Excising Union Ties?

    OK, why did the corruption plagued Association for Community Activists for Reform Now (ACORN) suddenly and quietly delete from its website its ties with the corruption plagued Service Employees International Union (SEIU)? The American Spectator’s Matthew Vadum found the strange deletion of a photo showing SEIU president Andy Stern standing in support of ACORN from February of 2002. The ACORN site was also scrubbed of | Read More »

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