Just Some Budget Cuts!

    The Prim Minster of the United Socialist State Of America wants to cut 100 billion dollars from his budget. First of all that is pretty big of you seeing it isn’t even your money. But seeing it is my money I have come up with a few budget cuts of my own. 1) Don’t fly your own private pizza maker from Chicago to Washington. You | Read More »

    Union Agitates To Force State to Borrow $ From Lottery

    The California State lottery is apparently in the purview of the state’s employees union, the Service Employees International Union. At least it is as far as the SEIU is concerned. Proving once again that unions think everything in the world is their business, the California SEIU has donated $300,000 to Proposition 1C, a ridiculous plan that would empower the state capitol at Sacramento to “borrow” | Read More »

    Union Tries to Steal Credit Over Somali Pirates

    Unions try to steal credit for the efforts of the American crew hijacked by Somali pirates. Unions had nothing at all to do with this situation. Yet they are trying to steal the spotlight. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, union theft is common, isn’t it?

    Unions Going After Wal-Mart Again

    Most lefties claim that “no” means “no,” but not where it concerns unions that have lost the organizing argument over and over again. We can see that refusal to listen to the workers in the case of Unions vs. Wal-Mart. Repeatedly Wal-Mart workers have generally refused to unionize, yet instead of taking that as an answer, the unions continue to push. And they are at | Read More »

    Union Thugs Admit Workers Hate Them, Only Government Force Expands Unions

    Herold Meyerson of the Washington Post is a not a very good columnist. But he is a great ad copy writer that should be working on Madison Avenue. Oh, I won’t say that all ad copy is filled with lies, but if lies sell then Meyerson would be the best of them all. Anyone that reads his April 7 pro-union column can only come away | Read More »

    Who the Heck Elected YOU?

    Who the Heck Elected YOU, anyway? Whether it be among friends or family, we’ve all heard that phrase tossed about by someone who found his pet idea left by the wayside. It’s a question of “official” authority, in most cases. Say your friends get together for a movie, say you make a film choice and everyone begins to agree. But there’s always that one guy | Read More »

    Charter School Teachers Attempt Ousting of Union

    Implicit in the right to associate with a union is the right to disassociate from one and the later is the right that the teachers of KIPP Academy in New York are trying to employ by attempting to oust the United Federation of Teachers from their places of work. Teachers at two KIPP charter schools in the Bronx and Manhattan, New York, took the action | Read More »

    Consequences: Wisconsin Loses Jobs/Development Over Card Check

    Wisconsin’s Eau Claire County lost 800 full-time jobs and a $50 million investment that was to be rolled out over the next five years because of the Democrat’s Card Check bill. And it wasn’t just a single county in Wisconsin that lost this multi-million dollar development. It was the whole U.S.A. that lost this project. Thank you Barack Obama. Some help with economic “stimulus” and | Read More »

    Unions Harass Employees in Albion, Ind.

    It’s the normal tale of union thugs acting like union thugs. At an auto part plant in Indiana, one woman was threatened because she didn’t want the union. Why was she threatened? Because she and her fellow workers were involved in a card check effort and EVERYONE knew what her vote was. Once the union thugs found out she was against their unionization, they harassed | Read More »

    Lies Used to Support Card Check

    The Shop Floor is reporting once again on the lies that the SEIU is using to try and cajole people into thinking that the Wall Street Journal supports the Employee Free Choice Act, today. But now that story has taken a twist. It appears that the House Education and Labor Committee is using the same lie. Originally the SEIU surgically removed a few words from | Read More »

    VP Biden’s Union Friend, Video Taped and Arrested for Pickpocketing

    During the late presidential campaign, vp candidate Joe “gimme a f*ing break” Biden visited with his friends at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Iowa. Joe was in The Hawkeye State to participate in some union campaign boilerplate called Walk A Day In My Shoes. There he “walked” with an upstanding union fella named Marshall Clemons, custodian for an Iowa school system and SEIU | Read More »

    Why Does Obama Want Illegals Legalized Quick? So They can Join Unions!

    According to reports, President Obama said it’s important to have a quick path to citizenship for illegal immigrants so that they can join unions to “get protection” from evil employers. Speaking at a town hall meeting in Southern California, Obama broached his newest cause celebre, “comprehensive” immigration reform, in Costa Mesa. “If they stay in the shadows in the underground economy, they are oftentimes pitted | Read More »

    Ruling: Calif. City Can Void Union Contracts in Bankruptcy

    Maybe the gravy train is finally beginning to grind to a halt at long last? Maybe the thievery by unions that is bankrupting governments all across the nation is starting to show signs of abating? If this court ruling in Vallejo, California is any indication, we just might be starting to see some common sense at last endangering the practice of heaping undeserved and unsustainable | Read More »

    “Card Check:” What’s Wrong with Arbitration?

    The part that nobody much is talking about in the debate over the “Card Check” legislation is the fact that once the union is recognized, if the union and the employer do not reach agreement, their dispute goes to arbitration.  I’ve done more arbitrations than most people in America and I’ve done real, adversarial interest arbitrations, the kind of arbitration this bill mandates.  There aren’t | Read More »

    Union’s Card Check is the New Jim Crow Poll Tax

    One of the most odious aspects of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the card check feature. This feature gives unions the “option” to supplant a secret ballot election held among workers for instituting a union with a publicly signed card that announces the voter’s intentions for all to see. In this way, unions claim, “elections” will be easier. Unions also point out that | Read More »