Beware! EFCA Is Coming!!

    According to some political sources, the Employee Free Choice Act- better known as the “card check” law- may be introduced in the Senate this week.  According to the rules established, the law will originate in the Senate instead of the House this time around.  Essentially, this change to the National Labor Relations Act would eliminate the need for secret ballot elections if more than 50% | Read More »

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    Democrats Pick Trade War With Mexico?

    Barack Obama and the Democrats swept to power on a promise of doing more to restore good relations with key trading partners. To that end we’re selling Eastern Europe out to Russia in a vain attempt to deter Iranian nuclear ambitions, and we’re giving UK Prime Minister copies of Toy Story. And when it comes to treaty compliance, Congressional Democrats are eager to stiff Mexico, | Read More »

    Union Opposes Rail Safety Suggestion, Instead Offers to Enlarge Membership

    The United Transportation Union is coming out against a rail safety measure suggestion because, the union claims, the idea violates the “privacy” of union employees. Instead of agreeing to the safety measure, however, the union used a recent accident that killed 25 train passengers as an excuse to try and force companies to double the number of train operators, thereby enlarging union membership. Put succinctly, | Read More »

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    Why Didn’t Obama Invite Any Health Care Experts to His Health Care Summit?

    Update: It looks like the list of participants is considerably longer than Roll Call reported. Sorry to have steered you wrong. Although I still wonder what half the groups on the linked list have to do with health care! Roll Call reports on the White House’s list of groups it invited to send a representative to today’s health care summit: The White House delayed releasing | Read More »

    Union Execs Meet at Swanky Resort Hotel

    As union members lose their jobs all across the country, the AFL-CIO executive council met at a luxury hotel in Miami Beach, Florida this week. The union bigwigs met at the Fontainebleau where the cheapest room rings up at $400 dollars a night. Were I a union member, I might take exception to such extravagance for union bosses. Especially in an economy like this.

    These Are the People Supporting EFCA

    The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), the union friendly law currently sitting idle in Congress awaiting a Big Labor financed president to get around to addressing it, has some very interesting supporters. We’ve been told, of course, that we shouldn’t worry about Barack Obama and his followers, that they are just as American as anyone else. That claim of red-blooded Americanness is a bit hard | Read More »


    EFCA Would Destroy Small Businesses

    Editor’s Note by Erick: W. Thomas Musser is chairman of The Tri-M Group, LLC – an electrical solutions company in business 45 years – located in Kennett Square, PA. He knows first hand the dangers of card check. This week, a number of economists will come together to tell Americans about their plans to “rebuild prosperity.” What they won’t tell us is how the law | Read More »

    A State-By-State Breakdown of Union Membership for 2008

    The Public Service Research Foundation has finished its research into how union membership was distributed throughout the US for 2008. It looks like some very useful info: The Public Service Research Foundation has announced that it has updated its state-by-state, sector by sector tables and charts on employment, union membership and union density for 2008 and is making them available. Information about union membership is | Read More »


    Dems say Secret ballot for Them, but not for us?

    We have been talking about it for some time here, that most odious provision in the Democrat pushed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that eliminates the secret ballot for prospective union members. Democrats want to eliminate the secret ballot because, they say, it will make it easier to enlarge union membership without all that messy votes of conscience stuff. It’s easier, they feel, to leave | Read More »


    Paper At Last Finds Unions Hurt Business, When it’s THEIR Business

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune is often called the “Red Star” Tribune by residents of Minneapolis for its long-time, virulently left-wing outlook. Many has been the time when the editorial board of the Star Trib has carried water for political candidates shilling for big labor. The STrib endorsed Obama for president for his supposed fiscal responsibility as well as his focus on the working classes. It | Read More »


    George of Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Doesn’t Get EFCA… or Does He?

    In a recent issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a story on the delicate political spot occupied by Senator Arlen Specter was discussed showing that he has worked himself into a can’t win for loosing situation. He’s made both sides mad with his erratic stance on both sides of the political fence. But one quote by Bill George the head of the Penn. AFL-CIO was telling | Read More »

    ‘Blue Dogs’ Stave Off EFCA For Now

    Greg Sargent is reporting that a coalition of conservative Democrats, the so-called “Blue Dogs,” have joined to ask Speaker Pelosi not to bring the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) to the floor. The Blue Dogs have asked Pelosi not to consider the bill until the Senate has first voted on it. As far as the Senate goes, Majority Leader Harry Reid has said that he | Read More »


    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) must now repair jobs-destroying mistake.

    You know, like you did here: …because you just realized that they actually do care when it comes to keeping their existing jobs, huh?

    UAW Walks Out on GM During Bailout Negotiations

    When the Auto Bailout was approved by Congress one of the stipulations was that the automakers had to get concessions from the unions. So, in an attempt to abide by Congress’ demands, GM has been in negotiations with the United Auto Workers to make the requisite deals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if the UAW is in the mood for making any deals, at least | Read More »

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    Revanchist 101 – So, you want a counter-revolution.

    Now, I know some of you think that I and a few others are whack jobs over our assertions that we are in the midst of a coup d’etat.  The Manchurian Candidate fully intends to make the US into a socialist state with a Labor Party made possible by card check and an alliance between that Labor Party and the Democrats.  I know you don’t | Read More »