SEIU Ripping Off It’s OWN Pensioners

    It must be nice to be spending 85 million dollars on political campaigns yet refuse to fully fund your own member’s pension plan. That, among other things, is exactly the sort of hypocrisy that it was revealed that the SEIU has been caught indulging in this week. Diana Furchtgott-Roth did yeoman’s work in detailing the state of the SEIU’s underfunded pension obligations in the New | Read More »

    NJ Guv’s Girlfriend Removed From Union Job Over Theft of Union Funds

    The ex-girlfried of Governor John Corzine (D- NJ), Carla Katz, found herself in a spot of bother this week. It seems she was removed from the presidency of the largest state-worker union in New Jersey because an internal investigation revealed she had “misappropriated” union funds and violated Federal labor laws. “An extensive internal review revealed probable cause to believe that the local is engaged in | Read More »

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