The Un-President-ed Lies of Barack Obama

    So Our Deceiver-In-Chief seems to believe the latest reporting on Obamacare involves “unprecedented scare tactics.” This is garbage. This administration has involved nothing but scare tactics since the day it took office. Anything less may have allowed a crisis or three to go to waste. I think were all a little sick of hearing about how each new sunrise is unprecedented. It’s as if Barack Obama spent his entire tenure as a Harvard Law Review Editor and only remembered one quarter-dollar word that was longer than three syllables.

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    Messes Versus Problems. Blame Versus Solutions.

    Debacles come in two delicious flavors. They can be messes, or they can be problems. Problems can be solved; messes just stink and abide. One of the true mark of the outstanding leader is the ability to turn a mess into a solvable problem. Tonight Barack Obama must stop complaining about the mess he inherited, or else he and his Democratic cohorts, become seen as | Read More »