Who Is Anonymous?

    Anonymous, you may recall, is the group who was implicated in the Sarah Palin email hack. It now appears that an elected Democrat’s son is actually the guilty party. I’m not clear on whether or not he intentionally framed Anonymous. Still, the question remains, who are they? What are they about? Tonight at Midnight Eastern, we’ll be discussing this on Unusable Signal, the liberal internet | Read More »

    Unusable Signal: Tonight

    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am part of a new blogtalkradio show called Unusable Signal (see banner above). It’s a liberal radio show, rather funny I think, and I’m the sole conservative; the outsider … the rebel. Err, ok, well I’m the sole conservative anyway. Tonight I’ll be hosting, as we have a mixed bag with all the liberal hosts from the week | Read More »

    Just Call Me Colmes

    Unusable Signal is a new liberal talk and call-in show on blogtalkradio. It airs 5 nights a week and features a number of liberal radio hosts. It also, on Friday, features me, the lone conservative. It’s a really funny show, often contentious, and some of the hosts will make you downright angry (especially over Palin), but you can always call in and give a piece | Read More »