The Leaders Are Not The Cream Rising To The Top

    There has been some mocking of those who speak about a battle going on between the Republican Establishment and the grass roots tea party conservatives. They mock these grass roots conservatives saying, “there is no secret handshake or secret meeting place, and it is tinfoil hat conspiratorial clap trap to even suggest such a thing.” These same elitist critics try to convince us that this | Read More »

    “You Will Give Back”

    Cross-posted at Unified Patriots In November 2011, Mia Love filed to run for Utah’s newly formed 4th Congressional District based on her demonstrated leadership on conservative principles. She credits her parents with providing the foundation for her ideals. After many years of living in the unstable, regime-torn socialist island country of Haiti, her parents immigrated legally to the United States with $10 in their pockets | Read More »