Mark Udall’s Extremism and the GOP’s Fight for the Senate

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Leon Wolf to discuss recent statements by Mark Udall illustrating that he is to the left of most Coloradans, the chances of the GOP winning back the Senate and a new challenge to religious liberty in California.

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    The Races That May Determine Control of the Senate

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Aaron Blake to discuss the now infamous attack ad from Wendy Davis, the hotly contested Senate race in Kentucky and the most important Senate races to watch as we head into the home stretch before election day.

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    US Senate Republican Third Marking Period Report Card

    Based upon their votes on certain issues from January 1st, 2014 through June 27th, 2014, these grades are assessed.  Since most of the votes were for nominations, some of the more controversial ones were considered along with votes on actual legislation, or cloture votes. A+:  Mike Crapo (ID); Jim Inhofe (OK); Mike Lee (UT); Jim Risch (ID) A:  Tom Barrasso (WY); Mike Enzi (WY); Pat | Read More »

    Republican Primary Endorsements in Georgia- Part 2

    It is rare when an incumbent Governor finds himself endangered in a primary, but Nathan Deal finds himself in that position.  Amidst a swirl of controversy involving campaign finance allegations left over from 2010, Deal may find himself out of politics this year.  With the Democrats running the grandson of ex-governor and “president”  Jimmy Carter- Jason Carter- name recognition on that side is no problem. | Read More »

    The Myth of “Polarization-” Part 2: The Senate

    In the previous entry, I tried to illustrate that the House was not as polarized or ideological as some would have us believe. The statistics do not bear out the accusations and even if they did in some way, the two most recent Congresses with a Republican leadership in the House are not that far off modern norms.  Additionally, a case can be made that | Read More »

    Can the GOP Win Back the Senate?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Brandon Finnigan to discuss the 2014 Senate election picture, the most interesting toss-up races and if the Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    Second Marking Period Report Card on Republican Senators

    Good morning and Happy New Year!! Half way through the 113th Congress, it is time to give out grades to the Republican Senators based upon their votes. The Senators in bold saw a serious drop in their grade from the first half of 2013 while those in italics showed a noticeable increase from earlier in 2013. The midterm grade is in parentheses. Those Senators getting | Read More »

    Jesus Saves. Senator Pryor Tries To Score On The Rebound.

    I’m remembering the 2007/2008 GOP Primary Season. It works well for those seeking a suitable method to self-castigate that leaves fewer marks than flagellation in a penitent’s closet. There was a long-shot candidate, Governor Huckabee from Arkansas, who had the vile audacity to mention his faith in an advertisement. There was a partial shot of a window in the spot that was designed to make us think of a cross. The Stephanopoulos Set reacted to this in the manner in which Gothic Fiction suggests any self-respecting Nosferatu would and reminded us all of how fascism would come to America wrapped in a cross and a flag.

    If Senator Pryor were to occasionally open that Bible he holds up as a talisman athwart impending electoral doom, he would have to be struck by the verity of Ecclesiastes 1. Given the background story of Mike Huckabee’s rise in the Iowa Caucuses, it reminds me that indeed there is nothing new under the sun. Pryor reaches out to Jesus, in his moment of greatest need, as he comes to the existential realization that Media Matters just isn’t going to save him in his reelection race in Arkansas.

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    Why Hasn’t Obama Fired Sebelius?

    Earlier this month, ten Republican senators sent an unprecedented letter to President Obama urging that he fire Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who has served under Obama since 2009. As the Obama care debacle drags on, however, the administration has refused to send her packing. Sebelius, for her part, as an interesting defense, saying that, “the majority of people calling for me to | Read More »

    Harry Reid Coins An Evil Fallacy

    So the law is THE LAW when Senator Reid says it’s the law. When it becomes a political convenience to get rid of it, he can argue against and vote against THE LAW that he previously voted in favor of. When the President finds parts of a law hard to implement or remarkably unpopular, he can enforce it piecemeal. When a person Harry Reid likes (himself for example) is harmed or inconvenienced; he can get waivers because in his case it is “different.” But if you oppose the law itself, there is no need for discussion. It’s THE LAW.

    Under a similar set of circumstances to Socrates, if I were confronted by a law like Obamacare in argument, I’d want to drink too.

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    Senate: If not you—who? If not now—when?

    Open Letter to All United States Senators Dear Senator, When I was in school, we were taught that the United States Senate was “the world’s greatest deliberative body”. Under your current majority leader, it has been run more like the Soviet Politburo, with dissent, deliberation, and true debate stifled at every turn. The very idea of amending a bill or resolution AFTER debate has ceased, | Read More »

    There Are No Moderate Democrat Members of Congress

    Senator Mary Landreiu provides yet another data point to support the hypothesis that there are no moderate Democrats in Washington, DC. Give her the opportunity to do so and Senator Mary Landrieu would vote again for ObamaCare. This is despite the fact that the law is making insurance less available for people instead of the opposite. It should surprise nobody that Senator Landrieu and pretty much any other Democratic Senator you asked would feel this way. When given the dilemma of strengthening the government at the people’s expense, the people will always get the hose if the decider in question is a progressive.

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    Thoughts on Defunding Obamacare

    A few caveats before writing this entry. One of the biggest things that got me more interested than ever before in national politics was the rise of Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign, particularly the Democratic primaries. Having satiated my desire to determine who this man was and coming away generally dissatisfied, the worst fears of an Obama administration were confirmed almost from the start. | Read More »

    West Point Grad Looks To Challenge Dick Durbin For US Senate

    Doug Truax West Point graduate and Chicago business man Doug Truax today announced his intention to be the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Illinois and challenge incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin. Truax released the following video introducing himself to the people of Illinois today. Truax also issued the following press release: Tired of watching U.S. Senator Dick Durbin preside over | Read More »

    The 113th Congress US Senate First Marking Period Report Card

    Well, we are one quarter of the way through the 113th Congress and it is time to hand out some grades for the 45 Republican members of the Senate. Yes, I know there are technically 46 with the Republican temporary appointment in New Jersey, but his votes were not counted. There have been 168 roll call votes in the Senate thus far, but not all | Read More »


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