Bill McCollum On Sugar Land Deal: No

    I just got through talking to the McCollum campaign and they just sent me a short, sweet answer on the Sugar Land Deal, the so-called “Big Sugar Bailout” and “Crist’s Bailout”, by the South Florida Water Management District. Basicly, they want to buy 28,000-acre for $197 Million from US Sugar. There has been questions as to where McCollum stands on the issue. Well, Bill McCollum | Read More »

    Charlie Crist & His Bail Out of US Sugar

    Image via Wikipedia As if Charlie Crist needed to provide further proof that he is a sellout extraordinaire to all Floridians, regardless of party, he is at it again.  There are some truly bizarre and might we say corrupt going-ons in Florida that includes South Florida Water Management District (Governor Crist appointees all of them), Charlie Crist (the turncoat Governor) and US Sugar (largest Charlie | Read More »