Bob Bennett Must Go: He Supports Amnesty

    In a Utah debate, Bob Bennett admitted to supporting amnesty. The challengers also attacked Bennett on immigration. Lee, for example, said, “I would vote against any form of amnesty. I wish I could say the same of the incumbent senator,” who Lee said did vote for it.Bennett denied that, saying “amnesty is in the eyes of the beholder.” He said he voted for “heavy fines | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    The Club for Growth informs us that Bennett voted against an amendment that would defund the “Bridge to Nowhere” pork project. Over the course of his career, he has supported countless earmarks like $200,000 for a museum in Omaha, Nebraska, and $3.7 million for the AFL-CIO. He also voted against a one-year earmark moratorium. SOURCE: Roll Call Vote #262, 10/20/05; #215, 07/06/09; #385, 10/23/07; #75, | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: Even UT-GOP Leaders Aren’t Backing Him

    He is a sitting United States Senator. He’s been around for decades. That means nothing this year. From the Governor to Congressmen to the legislature, Republicans in Utah have decided to sit this one out.If Bob Bennett were so great, why wouldn’t they be getting on board? In fact, Bennett is pretty bad and they know it. They also know just how vulnerable he is.If | Read More »

    CPAC 2010: Rep Rob Bishop (R, UT-01).

    This CPAC interview with Rep. Rob Bishop (R, UT-01) seemed relevant, given the post that I did earlier on the White House gutting 23K space-reliant jobs in a politically-unreliable Democrat’s Congressional District: Rep. Bishop is active in space issues, and in fact went into greater detail recently about why said gutting is ill-advised. The op-ed is well worth reading, if probably not making an argument | Read More »

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    Bob Bennett Must Go: The Individual Mandate

    I don’t know about you, but I think when proposing such bold initiatives, our senators should actually ask, “Is it constitutional?” But it is clear Bob Bennett does not respect the constitution. [N]ot every member of the GOP opposes an individual mandate.Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, backed an individual mandate as part of a bipartisan health reform bill he pushed with Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden. | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    Bob Bennett, when asked about the constitution, once referred to it as “an outmoded document from an agrarian society.”Seriously.*On sourcing: I’ve confirmed with multiple people who heard him say it, but it was in a closed door setting. I’d be happy to hear him deny it, but then he’d have to contend with the corollaries that have been caught on tape. Stay tuned for those.

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    The Club for Growth notes that Senator Bob Bennett sponsors and supports the so-called “Healthy Americans Act,” a trillion-dollar government takeover of healthcare that rivals ObamaCare for being a massive big government proposal. It would increase job-killing taxes, impose an individual mandate, increase health care costs, and would give Washington the authority to regulate every health care plan in the country. The legislation, S. 391, | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go. On March 23rd, Utah Voters Can Make It Happen.

    On March 23, 2010, Utah voters will go to their caucus meetings. There they can become delegates to the state GOP convention and vote to remove Bob Bennett from power.From now until March 23, 2010, I’ll will put up a daily post on why Bob Bennett needs to go.Let’s start with this one:According to the Salt Lake Tribune on September 12, 2009, “Few politicians have | Read More »

    Cherilyn Eagar wins URA edorsement to replace Bob Bennett

    EAGAR WINS URA ENDORSEMENT OREM, UTAH, February 20, 2010. The Utah Republican Assembly voted to endorse Cherilyn Eagar to replace Senator Bob Bennett at its endorsing convention. Cherilyn Eagar, touting her 30-year record fighting for the Constitution and conservative causes, beat all 4 of her challengers with 64% in the 3rd and final ballot to win the endorsement of the Assembly. Other federal candidates endorsed | Read More »

    Save the Date: March 23, 2010 — We Begin Taking Back the GOP

    One month from today, Republicans and Democrats in Utah will convene in their caucus meetings. The meetings will help select delegates for the Utah party conventions. I’m interested in the Republican one. The people of Utah have a United States Senator named Bob Bennett. He is the 8th most liberal Republican and Utah happens to be the most conservative state. Utah is also a socially | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Is Really Worried. Senate Staffers Begin Assault on RedState Criticisms.

    Bob Bennett must be really worried. In the past couple of weeks, a few people have come to RedState to defend Bob Bennett against our pointed criticisms of just how bad he is.And if this is a defense of Bennett, Bennett is not defendable. A Senate staffer (or Senator?) using the name ecfinder writes: Erickson, sometimes you make good points. But this one is not | Read More »

    Defeating Bob Bennett. It is Looking More Likely

    Box Elder County, Utah had a GOP straw poll last night. Bob Bennett may be celebrating his win in public, but in private he is putting on Depends and girding himself for defeat. It is pretty clear after Box Elder’s straw poll, regardless of just how meaningless straw polls tend to be, that Bob Bennett is in serious, serious trouble.Bob Bennett received 121 votes while | Read More »

    As CPAC Convenes In Washington, Orrin Hatch Tells Tea Party Activists to Shove It

    One of the stories coming out of CPAC this year is the embrace of the tea party movement not by the Republican Party, but by the conservative movement.The issues of spending and smaller government are shared across the board.But while conservatives are embracing the tea party movement, Republican Senators continue castigating tea party activists and hoping they shut up and go away. The latest is | Read More »

    Meet Mike Lee (R CAND, UT-SEN).

    The connection’s spotty, so let me just put this up: His website is here. Good guy.

    Cherilyn Eagar for US Senate (UT) – Phyllis Schlafly

    Phyllis Schlafly Comes to Utah Eagar For Senate fundraiser features a visit by the First Lady of Conservatism Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the National Eagle Forum and first lady of the conservative movement, is coming to Salt Lake on Saturday, January 16. She will address the Utah Eagle Forum’s annual convention and be the guest of senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar at a private reception that | Read More »