Meet Scott Rigell (R CAND, VA-02).

    This would be freshman (and steadily-more-worried) Democrat Glenn Nye’s district; Scott’s been running in this race since last year, but things are heating up enough that I thought that an interview was warranted. Scott’s website is here: you can also see him on Facebook here. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Nye (VA-02) flip-flops on “Public Option”

    Unfortunately, I’m a constituent of Congressman Nye.  I’ve gotten the “I voted against cap-and-tax” form letters only to see he has sent others letters with quite the opposite tone. Now he slithers into town and meets in private with health care types, while diligently avoiding any meetings with the public.  While there he implicitly supports the public option, something he has had his staff adamantly | Read More »

    Glenn Nye (D, VA-02) battles Glenn Nye (D, VA-02) over Cap and Trade!

    [UPDATE]: I’m hearing that Scott Rigell will be working with the NRCC. Another good recruitment pickup for next year. It’s amazing how quickly Democratic Congressmen pick up the bad habits of their older colleagues. In Glenn Nye’s (VA-02) case, shameless double-talk. The NRCC is happy to point out how you can’t really be proud of getting a cap-and-trade bill passed that you cynically voted against: | Read More »

    Chuck Smith for Congress VA-02

    I first heard of Chuck Smith today when I received notice that he was following me on twitter. That got my curiosity up and I started doing some research. Chuck Smith is running for congress in the VA-02 district. Virginia’s second congressional district was a recent pick up for the Democrats. Last year, Democrat Glenn Nye won against the incumbent Thelma Drake* 52.40% to 47.46%. | Read More »