Sarah Palin for VP If We Want To Win….

    This election is for all the marbles. Anyone who thinks differently is either naive or delusional. If the Democrats sweep it all they will pass legislation to tie up conservatives and the GOP for the next 50 years. The media has shown itself to be so in bed with the Democrats that no matter what they do or legislation they pass they will excuse it | Read More »

    Two Semi-Conspiratorial Thoughts

    Thought #1: The Democratic convention hall is set up with the Illinois and Delaware delegations front and center. Which – especially if they go ahead with a full roll call of the states – would be rather embarrassing if Biden’s own delegation was voting for Hillary. Fortunately for Biden, Obama won Delaware; I wonder, though, if the fear of a similar scene was a motivating | Read More »


    So now we know the Democratic ticket: Obama-Biden. We have been promised John McCain’s running mate on Friday the 29th. With Joe Biden as the matchup, who among the plausible candidates should McCain take? And who is helped/hurt by the Biden pick? Personally, I think I would disregard at least some of my own prior checklist and take Eric Cantor. Cantor’s young (but not too | Read More »

    Biden Choice Shows Obama Doesn’t Believe His Own Rhetoric

    Barack Obama learned an important lesson from John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential campaign–do not express two contradictory positions in the same sentence. Instead, wait awhile. Kerry infamously contended in a single statement that he had voted for funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan before he voted against the funding. Conversely, Obama has smartly spread out his flip-flops. During the primary, Obama asserted that qualification | Read More »

    Does The Convention Speaking order give a hint at who will be the VP

    If we look at the current Convention speaking order, we can come to some conclusions. Monday 9/1:Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.Vice President Dick Cheney Monday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif.President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush Tuesday 9/2:Fmr. Gov. Tom Ridge, R-Pa.Former CA Secretary of State Rosario MarinFmr. Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn.Gov. Linda Lingle, R-HawaiiFmr. Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, R-Md. Tuesday primetime (10-11pm Eastern | Read More »

    Dick Morris got it right last night

    Last night I was watching Dick Morris on Hannity at 9pm, and I believe his analysis of the Biden pick was very accurate. First, his point that Biden is ‘not Hillary’ is what is the most important part of his pick. The Hillary supporters didnt care if it was Biden, Kaine, or Bayh, they just cared that it wasnt her. The fact that Biden is | Read More »

    Biden FTW!

    So much for that text message announcement. Obama really should’ve done it earlier – this afternoon at the latest. All he’s done now is piss off the morning papers by making them miss their deadline, and given the networks a scramble for Saturday morning. How very throwback to think you could avoid the internet attention – but then, they got what they wanted in millions | Read More »

    Has anybody asked Mike Johanns if he’s been vetted?

    There is your wildcard pick, ladies and gentlemen. (A) Governor. Check. (B) Federal experience. Check. (C) Catholic voter appeal. Check. (D) Mid-west appeal. Check. (E) No chance his state goes blue if he drops out of his current race. Check. (F) Close to a must win swing state (Colorado) and popular. Check. Has anyone asked Johanns if McCain vetted him? I’m sure the Nebraska GOP | Read More »

    Friday in August: One Last Veep Speculation Thread

    Well, now that Barack Obama is calling the unlucky ones, we’re running out of time to do the last fun speculation thing prior to the election, and I still haven’t thrown up a post of significance about all this. So here goes. On Obama’s side, it seemed clear from the beginning that he was going to bollix this choice. It tends to prove the old | Read More »

    Pssst! RedState! Let’s ix-nay all the mad joy over iden-bay [update – Operation Ix-nay succeeds!]

    I have a message that is intended only for Republican eyes — a message that is desperately important right at this moment. I struggle with exactly how to pose this, because I know both Democrats and Republicans are reading. This calls for some subterfuge. The New York Jets were apparently powerless to stop the Cheating Cheaters from intercepting their messages. [Hint, guys – you should | Read More »

    Obama’s veep: Michael Moore nominates Caroline Kennedy

    I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent by Michael Moore to his groupies in which he begs Caroline Kennedy, she of Barry’s veep search team, and asks her to “pull a Cheney” and select herself as Barry’s veep. (It’s also on his web site.) The poor man is either drunk or goofy. Here’s the text of Moore’s missive: Dear Caroline, 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 Yours,Michael [email protected] | Read More »

    Conservatives Will Support McCain No Matter Who He Chooses

    With every passing hour comes word through the political grapevine that John McCain has settled on Romney, or considering Joe Lieberman, or picked Tom Ridge. Even Rudy’ name has been thrown around this afternoon. Probably the biggest issue surrounding McCain’s VP pick is whether he’ll dare pick a pro-choice candidate as his running mate. A small vocal base of right-wingers is up in arms at | Read More »

    Why McCain will not pick Lieberman.

    {* NOTE: I had not yet seen Erick’s piece regarding this on the front page. I support what he said.) John McCain will not pick Joe Lieberman, a pro-abort senator from Connecticut, as his running mate. Lieberman, though a nice guy and a decent man, is a liberal who is realistic on terror and Iraq. Those are not per se conservative positions for Lieberman; rather, | Read More »

    Let’s reach across party lines!

    With the veepstakes in full swing and less than two weeks to go before the conventions, talk of VP announcements for Obama and McCain dominate the airwaves. So much has been made of Republican Chuck Hagel possibly being on Obama’s shortlist, while the only non-Republican mentioned as a possible McCain running mate is Joe Lieberman. So now I challenge you to think of a Democrat | Read More »

    New Evidence to consider in the Veepstakes

    A new poll was recently released showing John McCain’s once narrow lead has disappeared, and he now trails by 5 points, in the VERY Red State of Alaska. The corruption of Senator Ted Stevens is destroying the Republican Brand in the state, and Ted may be about to take John McCain down with him as he loses his bid for re-election. This is especially ironic | Read More »