Chris Roy candidate for VT Sect. of State

    For those who didn’t know I moved about 8 months ago from Colorado Springs, CO to Quechee (KWEECHEE), VT. It has taken a bit of time for me to get my political bearings, and I still am not fully read-on to Vermont Politics. That said, one thing that I do know is that the Sect. of State is a crucial position within any State Gov’t. | Read More »

    “…. those consequences will be your sole responsibility.”

    [N.b. - I RedHotted this earlier, but it deserves more than that. - Sk.] This is made of awesome: If this budget becomes law over my veto, I am prepared to accept that outcome. But understand that what you reap is what you sow; the adverse effects of your tax and spending choices will ripple through the Vermont economy for years to come and those | Read More »

    Quote of the Day (Open Thread)

    It doesn’t have a direct link, but it’s down below in here: “Most of the legislature is elected by a collection of enviro-twits, trust-funders, crybabies, welfare garbage and nudists.” Heh. Open thread for today….


    Vermont Legalizes Gay Marriage…Constitutionally – Open Thread

    Regardless of where you are in regards to marriage between people of the same sex (as I mentioned here, I am against it, Vermont constitutionally passed legislation legalizing such marriages. Vermont is the only state to have made them legal in the method approved of by conservatives, through the legislative process (and without a prior ruling by the state courts), while the other three, Massachusetts, | Read More »

    If We Conceded Gay Marriage, What Then?

    Well, there they go again.  I like to paraphrase Ronald Reagan and try to figure out how he’d respond to certain liberal arguments. Yet another English teacher has written a letter to one of the local papers here in Vermont, using somewhat tortured logic to make a constitutional argument for the gay marriage bill. How might Reagan respond? With patience. That in mind, I’ll do | Read More »

    Gay Marriage in Yet Another State

    A sin is something we do, and repeatedly do, when we give up on ourselves. Gay marriage is about men giving up on women. And women giving up on men. In a sense, isn’t that what divorce is? By giving in to our tendencies to give up, we put all our social institutions in danger, not just the institution of marriage. Governor Jim Douglas, Republican | Read More »

    Christmas Scores a Major Victory in Tiny Vermont Town

    Christmas had its humble origins.   In Vermont, it had a humble rebirth last night, as the school board chair behind the school’s policy that denied a little girl the right to put up a reindeer decoration was defeated 140-77. The local paper that covered this story back in December, sees no significance in this victory now in March. That’s okay. We intellectual rednecks see it. | Read More »

    The Unrecognized Genius of Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge called Vermont a brave little state.  I’m not sure we are anymore. In 1927, Vermont was hit with a flood of biblical proportions.  Governor Weeks accepted federal assistance secured by our congressional delegation.  But he didn’t go begging for it. And Coolidge didn’t rush off to visit the disaster, even though it was in his home state.  He knew that Vermonters could do | Read More »


    The Truth About “Truth Commissions”

    “The Truth Commission.”  Sounds like the name of a pop band  — in North Korea.   Pat Leahy can’t handle the truth. He doesn’t want the truth. Really he doesn’t. Okay, here’s the truth.  Leahy’s state of Vermont is the most liberal state in the country. An exit poll conducted by WCAX Channel 3 indicated that 32 percent of Vermonters consider themselves liberal. But a lot of | Read More »

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    Vermont Board of Education Says No to School Choice

    Even though the Vermont State Board of Education is now stacked with the handpicks of Governor Douglas, it seems to be under a “Stockholm Syndrome” sort of grip of the Education Establishment.  And so they’ve decided not to endorse, consider, or even hardly acknowledge a survey of the attitudes of Vermonters toward school choice (they’re for it!) co-sponsored by the Friedman Foundation and Vermonters for Better Education. | Read More »

    What Does “Post-Racial” Really Mean?

    “Post-racial” means we’ve gotten over race.  And that’s largely true in America.  How could it be otherwise, with the election of an African-American president with identities stronger than race? That doesn’t mean that race isn’t a factor in many of our social and economic problems.  But the racial elements of education, for instance, are not the  main cause of our poor schools.  And poor schools are | Read More »

    Sanders Actually Endorsing Progressives Again

    Vermont’s largest newspaper is reporting that Senator Bernie Sanders, a progressive Independent, is endorsing Burlington’s Progressive incumbent mayoral candidate Bob Kiss. Sanders abandoned his old Progressive Party last year when he snubbed Progressive candidate for governor Anthony Pollina.  Pollina edged out Democrat Gaye Symington, the sitting House speaker, for second place.  With no help from his former boss, Sanders.   Why did the snub happen?  Who knows?  As | Read More »

    Al Sharpton at Middlebury

    I went to see Al Sharpton speak at Middlebury.  I posted the following first impressions on my blog and will follow up tomorrow. I came to Mead Chapel on the campus of Middlebury College to seek common ground with the nation’s leading civil rights figure. Afterall, this was the same chapel where I had attended a symposium of religious scholars of many faiths, including the | Read More »

    Ben Stein withdraws as commencement speaker at University of Vermont

    University of Vermont, founded in 1791 is the fifth oldest university in New England (after Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown). The first university to admit women and African-Americans into Phi Beta Kappa honor society and the first institution of higher education to declare public support for freedom of religion*. See, Ben Stein, actor, lawyer, economist, game show host, law school professor, presidential speech writer, Emmy | Read More »

    Is O’Reilly Man Enough?

    Bill O’Reilly likes to aim his scorn and derision at Vermont.  But not all of us are liberals here.  We conservatives are surrounded by loony leftists, as West Berlin was during the Cold War.  We need him to come.  We are besieged, and we need his help.  Is Vermont just a prop for him?  Or does he really care about us the way Kennedy cared about Berlin? | Read More »