We Need Another Guardian President

    So often it seems like there is a sickness in politics that spreads a belief the Federal Government is a delightful sugar daddy able to provide for our every want and need. This is especially true of the Democratic Party, but is also evident to a degree in the Republican Party. As much as I admire Ronald Reagan, even he was unable to stunt the | Read More »

    Palin op-ed: My stand blocked federal control of Alaska

    Gov. Sarah Palin’s promised op-ed has finally been published by the Anchorage Daily News. In the opinion piece, the governor gives a federalist explanation of why she vetoed $28.6 million of the Obama administration’s stimulus funds: “My record is clear. I support conserving energy through weatherization and I’m an advocate for harnessing renewable sources of energy. But conditions here required more ‘big brother’ government involvement than | Read More »

    Another Taxpayer Smackdown

    How many times can Todd Stroger smack down the taxpayers? After his allies on the county board ensured there weren’t enough votes to override his veto of the 1% sales tax increase repeal — the county board passed an ordinance calling for a smaller, three-quarters of a cent rollback. And once again, Todd Stroger wielded his veto pen to block tax relief. Predictable?  Yes.  But | Read More »

    Line Item Veto: It’s that time again

    As many of Redstate’s readers are aware, several attempts have been made in the past to institute a line item veto. To date, all of these attempts have failed. Either they died in Congress, or the SCOTUS killed them. But that doesn’t mean that those of us who stand for fiscal responsibility should give up and try something else; if anything, it means that we | Read More »

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    Bush Will Veto Dem Drilling Bill: Drill, Baby, Drill in Two Weeks

    Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives yesterday passed on a party line vote a drilling bill that effectively allows no drilling. She hates drilling, and this bill was solely an attempt to avoid becoming the Former Speaker of the House. The Senate bills aren’t any better. Wherever the House bill would allow limited drilling, say in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Senate bill would forbid | Read More »

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