Vic Snyder (D, AR-02) breaks and runs.

    The usual ‘more time with his family‘ bit, and nothing about a 17 point deficit in the polls. Then again, that’s not too surprising – although it’d be great if just once one of these guys said “I’m not going to throw away ten months of my life on an election that I’m just going to lose anyway?”  Admittedly, if Snyder had the nerve to | Read More »

    Vic Snyder (D-AR) Trails Griffin

    Congressman Vic Snyder was first elected to Congress in 1996. Since his first race, he has never won with less than 58% of the vote. And in 2008, he was re-elected without opposition. Nevertheless, he is regarded as one of the most endangered Democrat incumbents because of his district’s Republican lean. According to a new poll by Survey USA, Snyder trails his Republican challenger by | Read More »

    40 in 2010: AR-02

    Cross-posted at The Skeptical Michigander (In order for the Republicans to take back the House in 2010, they need to net 41 seats. It’s a long shot, but it is possible. By my count, there are 92 Dem-held seats that the Republicans have at least an outside chance of winning. That number will change as we get closer to election time, of course. But for | Read More »

    PPP – Vic Snyder (D, AR-02) tied with generic Republican.

    Democratic pollster Tom Jensen earned a bit of polling goodwill by calling the NJ and VA gubernatorial elections accurately (and forthrightly admitting that PPP messed up NY-23, and why), so when he says that AR-02 is a trouble spot for the Democrats, people should probably pay attention to that. Snyder’s approval rating is now 42%, with 46% of voters in the district disapproving of him. | Read More »

    Rigged Town Hall Report, by DerKrieger

    The following is a comment left by a reader which I felt merited a separate post. Thank you DerKrieger, posted Tuesday, August 18th at 9:14PM EDT: Congressman Vic Snyder held a rigged townhall meeting at the Statehouse Convention Center to promote HR3200, the Obama Healthcare Plan. The meeting was not even given 24 hours notice and was held at noon, instead of after work hours. | Read More »

    Arkansas 2nd Congressional District

    Arkansas’ 2nd Congressional District is represented by Not being an Arkansas native I don’t yet understand why a state as red as AR is dominated by Democrats. Vic Snyder is originally from the Left Coast state of Oregon and has a voting record that reflects his Oregonian roots and would make Nancy Pelosi proud. Our Governor Mike Beebe is a Democrats, both our Senators, | Read More »