I’m not that great at talking about politics but as a conservative voter, I really like Palin as the Vice President Candidate. She speaks well and she has a positive attitude that appeals to people. She can relate to many people because she is a working mother, wife, has a son going to the military, and many other things. It’s very impressive that she has | Read More »

    It cuts both ways

    Everyone here knows about my concerns about Sarah Palin’s readiness to take over the “big chair” if necessary and, quite frankly, a great speech — and her acceptance speech last night was GREAT — does not change my opinion. If great speeches are the qualifications for being great Presidents and Vice Presidents, then let’s just do what the MSM wants us to do and just | Read More »

    McCain/Romney (leaked on

    This was posted over on by someone claiming to have seen it (and saved it from an) accidental posting on the McCain website Thursday night: Anonymous said: It is Mitt. McCain’s people screwed up and put this up on their website Thursday evening then removed it

    It’s Tom Ridge or Tim Pawlenty?

    According to MSNBC, John McCain’s final two are Tom Ridge and Tim Pawlenty. I think both are acceptable. I prefer Tom Ridge, he has the potential to deliver PA.

    In the Interest of Balance

    With all the exultation in Red State over Biden, I figured jptrenn’s diary entry makes a few points. Namely, that Biden’s background is ‘normal’ compared to some of the recent players for the presidency in D.C. Land and McCain should be careful who to pick for his ticket.

    Time to bring the disaffected Clintonistas to our side

    Now, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault that Obama has screwed this up so badly. Obama’s last great chance to mend fences with the Clintonistas was to pick Clinton as veep. Or at least another woman that would ratify the “historic” importance of this year for the feminists who wanted to see the glass ceiling broken at the top of the political world. Its not Biden’s | Read More »

    McCain Needs To Go Deep For Veep

    I could not sleep last night wondering who John McCain would pick for his vice presidential pick . Fellow Blogger Jeff Emanuel has done a outstanding piece on I did not know about Cantor , I want to throw in the mix , Hutchinson , Jindal , and Palin . I have an bias for Texas , with that said , I hope he | Read More »