Everything You Need to Know About the War in Iraq

    What follows is the most succinct summation of the current situation in Iraq that I’ve come across. From The Washington Post Last month, in the city of Fallujah in Anbar province, once the nexus of the Sunni insurgency, the newest political player emerged. Leaders of al-Nassir Salah al-Din Army, a Sunni militant group, declared they would renounce violence and form a political party called the | Read More »

    How did I miss the election?

    Europe has voted, the Middle East has voted, the MSM has voted. Obama is our President. He is sitting in the seats of Heads of State. He has proclaimed that the success in Iraq had nothing to do with Bush or McCain, the Iraqis themselves implemented his plan. He is sending more troops to Afghanistan. He is on the hunt for Osama.