Democrats are my ex wife 4

    Unrelated thought — this site is like Karaoke for frustrated journalists And another — those are some nice little buttons up there, but how come none of them say SPELL CHECK. I swear I know how to spell, just not type. My second lawyer really focused on presentation. My first lawyer was basically not there and left me to fend for myself. So I came | Read More »

    Why aren’t YOU serving your community?

    With all the fuss over the presidential election, and the House and Senate, I think we are losing sight of the reality that Sarah Palin should have called to our attention. All over the country, in EVERY SINGLE jurisdiction in America, there are places to serve. Not just volunteer, not just talk, stuff envelopes, SERVE. Some examples: for two years, I was on the Economic | Read More »

    My faith in my country is not determined by who is in Washington

    On Tuesday night, when I saw Obama cross the 270 electoral mark, I will admit that I broke down crying like a baby. I melted on the phone to my father just because of the absolute rage I was feeling at that point. Was I mad at Obama or the electorate in general? No. I was enraged because ALL OF THIS was so unnecessary. In | Read More »

    From the Onion: This is too funny!

    Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

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    Predictions if Either Obama or McCain Wins…

    If Obama wins… Initially, thinly veiled gloating transitioning into an all out “We Are the Champions” in-your-face chant. People Magazine-like reporting on Obama’s ascension to power and his every move. Bush extends an unnecessarily gracious long arm of friendship during the transition. Mouth service given to the new age of bipartisanship while closed door meetings are held by Pelosi and Reid for top-to-bottom takeover of | Read More »

    Guarded optimism

    Okay, so between the late breaking coal scandal and McCain’s momentum, this could pan out. On, the most reliable pollster for my money, McCain has a lock on 160 electoral votes, while Obama is locked on 260. Now, 21 of those 260 were PA, which dipped down to a 3-4 point lead this week, came up to 6, and has not been polled since | Read More »

    26 Reasons McCain Will Win

    The Obama campaign is a typical Democrat operation. Every four years, the Dems assume that Americans are sheep, that they are dazzled by people like Obama, that they are grasping at straws and will vote for anyone who says “change”, that they believe that Obama can fix everything. The Obama campaign is wrong. Here are 26 reasons McCain will win. Each is a chink in | Read More »

    A report from Pennsylvania

    Hello Redstate! I am a sophomore at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, about 45 minutes NW of Pittsburgh. I have been a member here for a long time but never wrote too much. Today I am writing because I have some encouragement to offer, and I know that, as this election is all about turnout, encouragement is a very useful thing.

    Victory or Death!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, A new call to arms to fight with McCain for the preservation of our country, our way of life, and of life in general. The founding fathers knew that our rights are granted by our Divine Creator, not by a Chief Executive. Victory or Death in the War on Terror. Victory against the party and culture of death on Nov. 4.

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    I hate Kathleen Parker

    The Final Hours “Four years ago, Obama famously described his vision of America as neither liberal nor conservative, neither black, white, Latin nor Asian. “There’s the United States of America,” he said. “We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America.” Should he win on Tuesday, let’s hope he meant it.” | Read More »


    FIRST, require, within the first 100 days, that the US Congress present legislation that will reduce our dependency on foreign oil by 25% by year 2012; SECOND, require the US Congress to make permanent the President Bush tax cuts, reduce the capital gains tax to 10% until 2011 and eliminate all taxes for those over age 65 earning $50,000 or less; THIRD, thoroughly investigate every | Read More »

    McCain going to Win

    They are trying to make it seeem as if its over already. Polls have leaned democrat by an extra 10 points quite often. Go back and look at past elections.

    For All You Depressed, Defeatist Poll Addicts:

    The last few days were stomach churning for me as multiple diaries began echoing the doom and gloom meme and ‘all is lost, run for the hills’. One even front paged our guaranteed defeat. Without going through all the “it aint over ’til it’s over” pap, let me just say: Keep your chin up and read this: The Left’s Big Blunder all the way through | Read More »

    Support The Troops

    I know this isn’t a particularly popular topic right now, what with the election drawing to a close, but it is still pertinent… We have all heard the infamous statement, “I support the troops but not the war.”At some point, many, if not most of us have responded with, “You can’t support the troops if you don’t support their mission.”And someone you are speaking with | Read More »

    Attn: Senator McCain (For the Final Debate)

    Senator McCain: I thank you for unleashing Sarah Palin and going after your opponent’s dubious connections (ACORN, Ayers, Raines, etc.). These attacks, however, are not enough. The swing voters and others are focusing on their pockets and the declining value of their investments. They are bombarded constantly with doom and gloom from the mainstream media, who also sing the praises of your opponent, Senator Obama. | Read More »