Creigh Deeds’ Desperation Grows. Staffer Goes After Sign Holder.

    As Creigh Deeds’s campaign continues flaming out, he and his staff are growing more desperate. At a rally in Northern Virginia, someone was holding up a “What About Taxes” sign. A Deeds staffer went after the guy. I mean, how dare anyone ask Creigh Deeds tough questions. If Deeds had an “R” next to his name, this would be a multi-day front page story in | Read More »


    In Which Tim Kaine Sticks a Fork in Creigh Deeds

    If true, this may make for some interesting talk at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s next mixer. And even more interesting is that it comes from the chairman of the Waynesboro Democratic committee: The bad poll news comes on the heels of a story circulating in Democratic circles today that the Democratic National Committee is reportedly holding on to its $5 million financial commitment to | Read More »

    DNC preparing to cut Creigh Deeds loose?

    (Via The Campaign Spot) Not that they would ever, ever come out and say so – but when the one truly hopeful poll that one’s had in months for a particular campaign reverses itself the next time it’s taken again, well.  Let’s just say that a handy excuse would be… handy. The bad poll news comes on the heels of a story circulating in Democratic | Read More »

    Rasmussen: McDonnell 51, Deeds 42

    It’s raining polls in Virginia, with the Rasmussen poll the latest to show a substantial McDonnell lead in the gubernatorial sweepstakes: Over the past two weeks, McDonnell’s support has gone up three percentage points while Deeds has lost four points. After closing to essentially a toss-up in mid-September, the race is back to where it was in early September, when the GOP hopeful held a | Read More »

    Double Digit Leads for the GOP in Virginia

    Another poll, this one from SurveyUSA, shows all three of Virginia’s GOP statewide candidates with double digit leads over their Democratic challengers. This one has strong favorable numbers for McDonnell — showing him essentially tied with Deeds in the Democrats’ Northern Virginia base, for example. But more compelling for me are the down ticket races. The LTG race, for example: Incumbent Republican Bill Bolling is | Read More »

    Another Democrat Undermines Creigh Deeds on Taxes

    It’s not been a good week for Creigh Deeds and his quest for the Virginia governor’s mansion. First, former Democratic Gov. Doug Wilder refuses to endorse him and says that on the matter of taxes, which Deeds has promised to raise: This is not the time in our Commonwealth to talk about any kind of tax increase, especially those that are fundamentally regressive and will | Read More »

    Democratic Turkeys and Perriello’s Toying with “The Gore Effect”

    Smokin’ Joe Biden swings through Chuck Robb’s living room to raise money for Democratic Reps. Glenn Nye, Gerry Connolly and Tom Perriello. Along the way the Vice President says: “These guys are smart. Some of the guys Chuck (Robb) and I have campaigned for are turkeys,” he said. “Not all Democrats are created equal, while most Republicans are.”… Okay. So Tom, Gerry and Glenn aren’t | Read More »

    Tying the Health Care Debate to the Virginia Governor’s Race

    Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orzag says a health care bill can be completed in six weeks, based upon the Senate finance committee’s model. Six weeks…that puts the due date right around the time of the election here in Virginia (and New Jersey). Naturally, this has tongues wagging that the success or failure of health care could depend upon the outcome of the | Read More »

    Doug Wilder Snubs Creigh Deeds and Obama

    The former Virginia governor’s statement on why he won’t endorse either candidate for governor reads more like a paean to the wonderful Wilder years. That’s to be expected, But there are a few barbs here worth noting, none of which are welcome news to the Creigh Deeds campaign… On taxes, which Deeds has promised to raise and McDonnell has told us to read his lips: | Read More »

    10/17/09 Can you hear me now rallies in Richmond, VA

    I am not sure if these are going on all over the country, but this is a direct response to 9/12DC, when the rally cry was “Can you hear us now?”  From my local patriot group: For those of you who attended the 09.12.09 March on Washington you know that the rally cry was “Can You Hear Me Now’. With this rally cry moving forward, | Read More »

    Creigh Deeds panics on tax question.

    The whole thing is here (and here), but I wanted to highlight this part: Well, that and I wanted to try out my new video editing software. I think that it looks better. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Moving Terrorist Detainees to Virginia

    Editor’s Note: A lot of you guys have heard Ken speak. He spoke at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta. We absolutely need him in office. You can contribute to him here –Erick. According to the Washington Post, the Obama Administration is pushing to transfer some of the terrorist detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba into the Commonwealth of Virginia for trial in a U.S. | Read More »

    The pen is mightier…but the hypocrisy smells worse

    The classic political game of dig the skeletons out of the closet is back in full force in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.  This latest round cites Democrat Creigh Deeds, with the help of the Washington Post, against Republican Bob McDonnell. This looks eerily familiar to what happened in 2006 during the VA Senate race between Webb and Allen.  Webb had written an article in the late | Read More »

    Selfish People

    Via Peoples Press Collective. Yup, that’s what we Republicans are. Selfish. YAF/Hot Air TV correspondent Jason Mattera undercover at an ObamaCare rally outside Democrat Rep. Jim Moran’s town hall. The comment is early in the video, but the entire thing is well worth watching and quite enlightening. A misunderstanding about the selfish people comment almost turned into a scuffle. These people have really short fuses | Read More »

    Rick Boucher Regrets Selling Out His District

    If you think the headline is too negative, consider that it’s more than I can say for Eric Massa. Unlike Massa, Boucher seems to regret having voted for cap-and-tax: U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher voted for cap-and-trade legislation but said he doesn’t endorse the House-passed version of the bill… “I voted for it because I had to do that to be part of the process and | Read More »