Here we go again, with PPP in Virginia


    Here we go again with Public Policy Polling. They did a poll for the League of Conservation Voters on the 2013 race for Governor in Virginia, and the electorate predicted by PPP is a strange one.

    You see, it doesn’t look like Virginia.

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    The Importance of Virginia

    The Importance of Virginia

    Yesterday, the AFL-CIO declared it was going all in in Virginia to get Terry McAuliffe elected. The AFL-CIO has massive amounts of money and, should McAuliffe win, as Jim Geraghty, I, and others have noted, the media and liberal Republicans will claim conservatives cannot get elected. Ken Cuccinelli, as the Attorney General of Virginia, was the first State AG to go to court opposing Obamacare. | Read More »

    Washington Post buries its allegation that Terry McAuliffe’s Greentech lied to VEDP.

    There’s a good bit here of interest in this surprisingly hostile Washington Post article on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe* and his horrible, awful, no good kiddie electric car company GreenTech, but one particular bit jumps out: VEDP [Virginia Economic Development Partnership] officials were also uneasy about GreenTech’s heavy reliance on EB-5 financing. A top GreenTech executive told the VEDP that each year, 20,000 Chinese | Read More »


    Some time around 11:30 a.m. we reached the $10,000.00 goal from around 200 donors for Ken Cuccinelli. I’m curious to see how much we can raise. Before sunset we crossed $15,000.00.Please join me in giving Ken Cuccinelli a contribution. This is the most important race across the country this year. He needs our help. Just today there is another story about Terry McAuliffe’s dealings with | Read More »

    People, We Can Do Better

    We used to be able to raise money quickly for candidates we support. Ken Cuccinelli is a candidate we support. He’s running for Governor of Virginia. Bobby Jindal and I both agree this is the most important political race in the country this year. Can you help RedState? Show the world again just how RedState readers support conservatives. Go here now. Give what you can. | Read More »

    We Must Support Ken Cuccinelli #standwithken

    We Must Support Ken Cuccinelli #standwithken

    We have not done this in a while. Perhaps, in growing up, we let go of some things of our youth we should not have let go. One of those was raising money in a coordinated effort for solid candidates. We must start doing that again. And so today I want to ask you to make a commitment. RedState endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of | Read More »

    The 2014 Senate: State of the Races, Part 6

    Opening caveat: With respect to the Tim Scott race in South Carolina, it is clear that the race card often enters these races (example: the whisper campaign against McCain in 2000; negative Democratic comments against Haley now). Tim Scott is clearly set for reelection, but the GOP needs to be wary of that race card being played. Democrats will stoop to nothing. In North Carolina, | Read More »

    Eric Holder vs. The Press

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Aaron Blake to discuss the legacy of Michele Bachmann, the battle to be Virginia’s next governor and Eric Holder’s war on the press.

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    McAuliffe’s stalled electric car company salary raises funding scheme questions

    At this point the failures and false promises of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s electric car company, GreenTech, have been well documented.

    For those who need a refresher, Clinton fundraiser and party insider McAuliffe re-christened himself a ‘Virginia businessman’ in his second quest for the Old Dominion governorship and touted several supposed job-creating ventures on the campaign trail, one being a wood pellet firm that has yet to become operational, and another was GreenTech Automotive, which he pledged would create thousands of jobs.

    First, it was revealed that those promised jobs were to be created in Mississippi, not Virginia. Then, McAuliffe was caught fibbing about why the company chose to locate outside the state, claiming Virginia authorities had rejected their application before it was made clear that GreenTech had never completed its application materials. Then the revelation that Virginia officials were concerned that the company was “a visa-for-sale scheme” given its lack of a credible business plan and utilization of the EB-5 funding mechanism, which hands out U.S. visas to foreign investors (more on this later).

    Eventually, it came out that McAuliffe had resigned from GreenTech in December 2012 despite continuing to use his role with the company as a key talking point as he campaigned around Virginia.

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    Occupy Roanoke to prostitute itself out for Terry McAuliffe.

    The Occupiers apparently plan to come out by the tens tomorrow to show their support for Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe: Contrast that with Occupy Roanoke’s rhetoric in 2011: …we would like to see the end of paid lobbyists. Washington’s K Street is made up of many former legislators and staff whose job it is to help write the laws after showering Congress with | Read More »

    Extremier Than Extreme Except for the Last Extremists in Virginia

    “We’ve just learned Ken Cuccinelli and the most extreme Republican ticket in Virginia history will be holding a campaign launch event TODAY, May 18, 2013 in Virginia Beach,” reads an email from Laura Harmon, the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Executive Director.I can’t help but wonder if she just took out the file from the 2009 election. Because that year Levar Stoney, then the Executive Director | Read More »

    The only thing more hypocritical than Terry McAuliffe? The Lefties now supporting him.

    There’s some raised eyebrows at some of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s donors: specifically the detail that 78% of his funding in the last quarter came from out-of-state donors. Looking at the donor list, I note that some of the folks involve include: Terry’s father-in-law Richard Swann, who is probably best known for being president, back in the day, of the infamously failed American Pioneer | Read More »

    VA Speaker doubles down on tax hike

    I don’t get to volunteer on campaigns very often anymore, but I do appreciate the opportunity to support candidates and causes financially where I can. No surprise, I’m no stranger to fundraising emails, unfortunately. In someways, they’re like hippies – let a few in the door and soon they take over the place. That said, I do get the occasional interesting pitch. In this case, | Read More »

    An Early Take on the Virginia Gubernatorial Race 2013

    The other governor’s race this year, besides the one in New Jersey, will be in Virginia. Before discussing that race, just to follow up on some comments regarding the New Jersey race: As someone mentioned, if anyone thinks Christie’s “embrace of Obama” in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy cost Romney the election, they are mistaken. In my humble opinion, that videotape of the fundraiser did | Read More »

    Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell Thinks You’re an Idiot

    Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell Thinks You're an Idiot

    On Friday, March 15, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. Bob McDonnell will go to CPAC and address the Faith & Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast. For those of you who attend this event, you will be sitting staring at a liar. If you are a conservative, remember Bob McDonnell thinks you’re an idiot. That’s the only explanation I can think of for what just happened in Virginia | Read More »