Kill the Bill! Congress – Keep Your Hands Off My Body!

    KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BODY!  It has long been a slogan of the pro-choice movement.  Well, we have a new pro-choice movement.  The freedom to make our own health care choices and decisions.  As congress moves toward passing legislation that will bring the federal government into every aspect of our health care, should this not be a battle cry for those of us rallying | Read More »

    Why do Liberals fear Sarah Palin?

    Why do Liberals fear Sarah Palin? Let me count the ways. She has common sense. Who was the last politician that you remember that had that quality? She can speak on her feet. Yes, we all remember the fuss that was raised by the liberals for her Katie Couric interview that was proclaimed to show Sarah Palin’s interview. Not ready for prime time I believe | Read More »

    The Legitimacy of our Government Depends on the Legitimacy of the Vote (Ed Schultz Remark)

    House Chamber, Washington, D.C. Representative Tom McClintock January 20, 2010   Mr. Speaker:   I never thought I would see the day when a commentator entrusted by a major broadcast network with the ability to reach millions of listeners would use his influence to incite voter fraud, but this week we passed that unfortunate milestone.   On Friday the 15th, MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz told | Read More »

    An Open Letter To Politicians!

    We are focused and determined. We are diverse. Our skin is dark, olive and light.  We are color blind. We come from many nations. We are old and we are young. We are fighters and we are lovers. We are married and we are single. We are husbands, wives, grandmothers, grandfathers, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. We are bold and we are timid. We are | Read More »

    Like a Thief in the Night

    The grand Republican strategy to have a vote on Christmas Eve was accomplished at 7:15AM (Eastern) this morning, while most Americans slept – and just like a thief in the night, the Senate has slipped in to your home to steal away your freedom and your right to care for your family as you see fit. 60-39. Merry Christmas.

    Dems schedule unpopular Obamacare vote for dead of night

    The Senate version of the Democrats’ so-called health care reform is so unpopular,  Nevada’s Harry Reid finds it necessary to vote on it at 1:00 a.m. David M. Herszenhorn reports the Democrats must conduct six votes to pass their Obamacare — one of the crown jewels of Obamaism: 1 a.m. MONDAY – To end debate on “a manager’s package” that includes all the latest changes | Read More »

    Focus, focus, focus

    For my followers, a quick apology for my absence. I am, seemingly to no avail, trying to work on some balance in my life. The many political challenges of July seem to have sucked my every waking moment into their undertow. I will continue to fight for my country. However, in the awakening of my activist spirit, some things have fallen by the wayside. Like | Read More »

    My first vote, vindicated.

    Promoted from the diaries by James Richardson The first presidential candidate I ever voted for was John McCain, and I’m willing to admit that, at the time, I definitely had some doubts about whether it was the right decision. This is partially because, having been born in New York and having witnessed the tail-end of his gentrification efforts, I was a Giuliani fan until he | Read More »

    Presidential Candidates 2012

    I have been working on a full list of Possible Republican Candidates for 2012. The full list with photo and vote count can be seen on THE REPUBLICANDER. Please take a minute to take a look and vote for the candidate you would like to see as our next President. If the candidate that you want is not on the site please submit his or | Read More »

    The Liberal Senate Votes itself a Vote!

    Hello All, I wasn’t going to write about “Washington D.C.’s Vote” but the more I read all the comments over at “Hot Air “ the more I realized that everyone is missing the point. I lived around D.C. pretty much from birth until I was 31 either in MD or VA. I worked in on around D.C. for over 18 years. So I am well | Read More »

    My giving thanks this year

    What to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:(A look around my little world for people and matters that I am thankful for everyday) 1) The love and support of my family as I have endured a rough personal spring and fall. My economic and marital matters suffered severe hits, yet I still stand tall thanks to them. 2) A much maligned President, who to this day, | Read More »

    Calling John Fund

    I have worked elections in Canada and I will pass on a story that seems to be repeated in races around the US by the dozens. I volunteered to help try and defeat a member of the Canadian Parliament who routinely won her seat by less than 200 votes. We worked very hard and on election night were leading THE ENTIRE NIGHT. There were three | Read More »

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    Go all in!

    John Mccain down by around 800 votes in Indiana with 1% of preccint reporting? (Is this a good sign?) Let’s make it happen!

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    Go all in!

    John Mccain down by around 800 votes in Indiana with 1% of preccint reporting? (Is this a good sign?) Let’s make it happen!

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    Wrote-in Mitt Romney for President

    Voted around 10:20 CST this morning and cast my first-ever write-in vote for Mitt Romney. Yes, I have struggled with the thought of an Obama presidency. In the end it was McCain’s failure to support his party and president over the past 8 years that pushed my hand. The ‘Gang of 14′ backstab was what hurt McCain the most. He lost a lot of support | Read More »

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