Well, we voted here in the Chicago suburbs. Beautiful day. Imagine my surprise that Starbuck’s was offering free cups of Joe if you wore your “I voted!” sticker. We have a Starbuck’s close by. I guess they are so confident of an Obama win, they decided to share the wealth, early. Ha. Turns out that is akin to vote-buying, so now they have to give | Read More »

    Get Ready for “Comeback” Mac and Ohhh, “Sarahcuda!”

    The women of America aren’t finished yet, today’s the day to shatter that glass ceiling once and for all! Let’s Get It Done! VOTE Take a Friend to Vote Encourage Whoever You Can to Vote Report Suspicious Voting Activity to Officials Pray Loud, Pray Often, and Pray With Someone and by all means Don’t Let The Disingenuous MSM and Exit Polls Affect You!


    If Barack Obama wins: 1) God still loves me and I am still forgiven.2) My wife and son still love me. Many other things may go wrong in this country starting tomorrow, but don’t forget to keep your priorities straight. They will ground you, and keep you focused on doing the things that will bring about the change we really need. VOTE!!!!

    Vote With Your Mind…

    Indiana polls opened at 6:00 this morning, and I headed out the door at 6:10 to go cast my ballot. I arrived at the polling location just three minutes later (it’s just around the corner), and had to park at the Doctor’s office across the street because the school parking lot was full and cars were already lined up along the street. I crossed the | Read More »

    A 4 Year Old to the BLUE?

    On the way home from school, while driving with my 2 kids, my oldest son asks me, “So Mom, how are we doing? Are we winning?” I told my older son, “looks like our swing state is almost Red”…My son continues, “is McCain gonna win?”, Yeah..O.K. so he has formed his own opinion, thus hearing mine daily.My 4 year old belts out, “I Love Barack | Read More »

    Why Did I Vote?

    I’m sitting here in Arizona waiting to sleep as I’ve done for the pat 27 years of my life. The “waiting to sleep” part, not always in Arizona. For my entire adult life I’ve spent it at the service of the republic we know as the United States of America in the form of a US Army Soldier. I’ve done that for eight years now | Read More »

    The Reality of The Vote

    We soon have results, assuming the recounts may go quickly. We already hear the stipulations from Iraq, willing to give conditions to our “new government”, messages real or faux from Osama Bin “wewillfindyou”, condemning ANY NEW American government. Chavez in line to “talks”, Cuba to follow. Boy, no matter who wins, they “will” have a lot to deal with in the coming months. If you | Read More »

    Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight.

    My sister called earlier this evening and asked me of Senator McCain’s chances. Well, he has to win Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Oho… she interrupted me with a giggle, but I stipulated that he can do this. “And he has to win Pennsylvania, so you and [brother-in-law] must vote tomorrow.” They will. My wife and I drove to the mall today, listening to Fox News | Read More »

    Individual Liberty

    Our Founding Fathers were intent on providing and protecting our “Individual Liberty”. For those of us who cherish our Individual Liberty, our Freedom and our Equality to Pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness … Exercise your liberty to protect your liberty and vote. Free Will = Individual Responsibility. Ronald Reagan once said: ” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass | Read More »


    Still Undecided In This Election?

    Just ask yourself (or them, or anyone voting for Barack Obama), why is that Hamas, Hezbollah, The Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Chavez, and every other miscreant on the face of the planet, are all salivating for a Barack Obama Presidency?

    Why did the McCain campaign cancel?

    Does anyone have the answer? Why did they cancel? I love Sarah, she would have been awesome with Megyn. So, any idea what happened? And on to other topics. I hear talk from McKaskill(sp?) on FoxNews this morning that BO’s comments about the Coal Industry were ‘taken out of context’. How on earth can she say that? We can all hear what he said. Most | Read More »

    Will You have a Friend in Penn

    Penn State… here’s what CAN happen, You vote to Spread the weatlh, the tourists just don’t come.. They can’t afford the gas, nor hotels (that will probably close) or the shoefly pies. The Amish living starts to get clearer, not that natural resources are bad in any way. Horses are cheaper, much more work.Candlelight will cost less than the electricity increases and taxes will rise | Read More »

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Regarding the tax banking bailout.. H.R. 3997 was rejected the first time by the house vote of 205 to 228. It did not address the fundamental causes of financial turmoil and forced tax payers to clean up the mess. The bill authorized purchases from FOREIGN banks. Bailout H.R. 1424 still contained extraneous provisions and spending UNRELATED to the financial markets. Look up what they were… | Read More »

    Out of the mouth of babes..

    So I went to the gas station today and my9 year old son said “Wow, Dad the price is $2.12per gallon. That is like way lower than itwas a few months ago. Maybe in 3 moremonths it will be $1.06 and 6 months from now it should be 53 cents per gallon!” I said well it does not really work that way.It is good that | Read More »

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    McCain has it Ignite!! Vote- You will WIN!!! Go-DO the DOUBLE MAVERICK!!!