And while we’re on the subject of ACORN…

    …this dispute has, indeed, mainstreamed. Favorably to us: (Also via Hot Air)

    “To say that ACORN is left-leaning is like saying Terry Bradshaw may be bald.”

    Those wishing that they wouldn’t, contemplate this: we’ve gotten a lot of people lately around here who have registered for the express purpose of telling us to stop. Usually with a certain nervous bravado. Just saying, that’s all. (Via Hot Air)

    Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Ayers, OBAMA pushing America to Marxism

    If Americans do not wake up and start fighting back all will be lost. While our churches obey the laws in order to keep their tax exempt status, Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger, etc. use their pulpits to brainwash and spew propaganda. And elementary education theorist professor in the College of Education William “Bill” Ayers believes brainwashing America’s children is the path. Bill Ayers states: “the ethics | Read More »

    One Good ACORN Story . . .

    deserves another: A man at the center of a voter-registration scandal told The Post yesterday he was given cash and cigarettes by aggressive ACORN activists in exchange for registering an astonishing 72 times, in apparent violation of Ohio laws. “Sometimes, they come up and bribe me with a cigarette, or they’ll give me a dollar to sign up,” said Freddie Johnson, 19, who filled out | Read More »

    ACORN Strikes Again

    The words you are looking for are “endemic voter fraud”: Officials in Missouri, a hard-fought jewel in the presidential race, are sifting through possibly hundreds of questionable or duplicate voter-registration forms submitted by an advocacy group that has been accused of election fraud in other states. Charlene Davis, co-director of the election board in Jackson County, where Kansas City is, said the fraudulent registration forms | Read More »

    Quick ACORN question

    I would like to see a breakdown of the D/R/I split on all these fraudulent ACORN voter registrations. CNN’s report was decent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that this stuff is being reported, and it should be reported more (and the FBI should be frog-marching people). This is just a question that I had. Just curious, ya know.

    Highlighting Voter Fraud That Supposedly Does Not Exist

    There really cannot be enough attention paid to groups like ACORN, that are quite clearly engaged in voter fraud: State authorities on Tuesday raided an organization that registers low-income people to vote, alleging that its canvassers falsified forms with bogus names, fake addresses or famous personalities. The secretary of state’s office launched an investigation after noticing that names did not match addresses and that most | Read More »

    Yet More ACORN Fraud

    Every vote counts…twice when it’s a Obama voter. Oopsie…duplicate voters via ACORN Hey, don’t worry, after all, they’re the “Democratic party.” This brought to us by the party that illegally substituted Carnehan for the Senate to beat Ashecroft and routinely holds East St. Louis open until 3am while closing down the rest of the state on time. I have to concede that Brokaw did a | Read More »

    105% of Indianapolis registered to vote!

    It’s like this. Brendan O’Shaughnessy of IndyStar reports that: In the county, 677,401 voters were registered as of Monday evening; that number was expected to continue growing as last-minute registrations are entered into the system. In 2004, the county had 602,918 registered voters. Meanwhile, Ogden on Politics went and looked up the population of Marion County, Indiana. In 2007, it was 876,804. No problem, right? | Read More » – News – Alleging fraud, authorities raid voter group ACORN

    Read it all here: The tail wags the dog in America these days. Those who contribute nothing and suck from the system determine who governs. Bleeding heart Tom Brokaw wrote a book not too long ago called “The Greatest Generation.” Bout time for a book about “The Sorriest Generation” because that is probably how generations to come will view ours.

    ACORN’s Dirty Deeds Spread to Missouri

    Promoted from blogs. Yet more, and more. – Moe Lane Over the last few days a there has been a lot of sunlight exposing the dark corners of the activities of the group called ACORN. They have been caught forging falsified voter registration cards in Connecticut and Indiana There are two indictments of ACORN workers in Wisconsin Hiring convicted fellons as registration deputies in Wisconsin | Read More »

    What, *another* ACORN voter fraud event?

    The latest report on the Democrat-allied activist group comes from Connecticut. Nice to know that they’re branching out past the battlefield states: HARTFORD — The State Elections Enforcement Commission has opened an investigation into allegations that a community activist organization submitted at least 10 false voter-registration cards in Bridgeport. One of the phony registrations was for a 7-year-old girl in the Marina Village housing complex, | Read More »

    And today’s ACORN election fraud story comes to us from Milwaukee.

    The Democrat-affiliated ACORN is making news again: Felon accused of voting violations Milwaukee County prosecutors Tuesday charged a convicted felon with illegally registering himself and others to vote between his conviction and his sentencing. The complaint accuses Adam Mucklin, 22, of registering to vote in June, after he was convicted of battery in April, and after a judge told him he couldn’t vote as a | Read More »

    Tell Me Again How Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist . . .

    Because this story would beg to differ. Note that you are not supposed to be able to vote with a felony conviction. Voter fraud regularly gets denied by our friends on the other side of the partisan divide. If they open their eyes, they will see that it is all around them. Of course, whenever our friends on the other side of the partisan divide | Read More »

    ‘Tis the season for falling ACORN: raided

    Acorn offices being raided today in Las Vegas