Voter Fraud, not just registration fraud.

    Hardcore Evidence… [email protected]

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    Caught One in OHIO! Illegal Vote Caught

    Defenders of ACORN have been basically saying that people registering more than once is not uncommon and is not an indication of fraud. Well they caught one! Here’s the Link

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    Massive Voter Fraud

    The most distressing aspect of the massive voter fraud being discussed here at RedState is the origin of the problem: somehow we were convinced it would be a good idea for private groups to participate in the validation of our most basic right: the right to vote. How did we ever depart from the normal processes of having people show up in person to the | Read More »

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    ACORN Offices Raided!

    Fox News is reporting that the ACORN office in Las Vegas, Nevada was raided today as part of a voter fraud investigation. The raid was prompted by “ongoing complaints about ‘erroneous’ registration information” being submitted by ACORN under the Project Vote voter sign-up drive. “Some of them used nonexistent names, some of them used false addresses and some of them were duplicates of previously filed | Read More »

    Conservative Voter Registration – Whose doing it?

    I have spent the last two weeks searching the internet in attempt to find some conservative/republican organizations that specialize in voter registration. While I’ve found dozens of them that have a liberal/left leaning, I’ve not been able to find one organization that is out there trying to register conservative leaning individuals. If anyone knows of one, please submit. Thanks.

    Vote Fraud Obama style, the College Network did what none of the major media outlets did, uncovered and reported on “potential” vote fraud in Ohio. One woman interviewed on camera was a driver that was picking up homeless people from the streets and shelters in order to transport them to where they could register, and then vote for Obama. She blatantly said, “I tell them to vote for | Read More »

    ACORN: The Poisonous NUT That Ended Democracy in America

    Within its shell, ACORN contains all the makings of an intriguing government political conspiracy movie: drama, injustice, organized crime, election fraud, intimidation, violence, money, lies, extortion and a presidential candidate.[1] If you are a patriotic, middle class American who spends most of your time working for your family and enjoying your FREEDOM, you have probably not been bothered by the sounds of an ACORN dropping | Read More »

    Obama woman flips for McCain/Palin!

    I just want to point out the fact that my beloved wife started last December in Obama’s camp (even as she let me take our daughter on repeated trips to hear and meet Sen. Fred Thompson in SC). She NEVER was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, which should give even more pause to the Obama campaign considering all the talk about Gov. Palin peeling of | Read More »

    Liberal Groups: Voter Fraud

    Via Daily Times VA The chairman of Virginia’s Republican Party on Monday sought a statewide probe of what he claimed was voter registration fraud across a battleground state in this year’s presidential race. Jeff Frederick decried a “widespread problem across the commonwealth” after the arrests in Hampton on election fraud charges of three people last week. He urged Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and Republican | Read More »

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