Caveat Emptor

    Minnesota’s Secretary of Fraud State, Mark “ACORN” Ritchie has published new rules regarding the handling and proposed mishandling of absentee ballots.  In an attempt to make stealing administering an election more efficiently, he has proposed ‘friendlier’ absentee ballot instructions and procedures.  This way his office can more adeptly destroy preserve our democratic institutions. Instead of insuring that all votes are counted, only legal ballots are | Read More »

    Yes We Can!

    I wrote last week about how I see the behavior of voters in light of our media saturation environment. Today I saw a video, which many of you have no doubt seen before, that really highlights some of what I was talking about. You have to slog through the first minute or two as the interviewer is determined to ask each of the 12 respondents | Read More »

    The Worst Indictment Of Our Media

    Don’t click on the video unless you can check your anger. These fools canceled our votes!

    Like sheep to the slaughter

    I caught this audio clip over at Liberals are Worthless Unbelievable… It looks like that this election, to a lot voters, was all about symbolism and nothing about substance. Not really surprising but when you listen to this clip it makes you bang your head against the wall. Watch out what you wish for…

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    Thank Goodness It’s Over

    The election is over…the uncertainty is over. We now know the probable fate of our nation. President elect Barack Obama has been chosen by 52% of this nation to be our 44th president. So be it. It is now time to move forward. I am quite surprised at how at peace I feel. I thought for sure that I would be livid if Obama won | Read More »

    Smooth Operator?

    With all the new events surrounding the recent uncovered stories of the Obama campaign, I have come to the notion, no one seems to care what surrounds this candidate.His past, nor present news, seem to be relevant to anyone. They seem to lean upon this news with deaf ears.While out on Halloween with my kids, I asked questions to the Democratic voters with signs on | Read More »

    On Mahjong and the American Electorate

    My mother-in-law spends much of her day playing online games with her friends and playing computer Mahjong by herself. Last week she mentioned offhandedly that the game had stopped working. I told her that I’d take a look and see if I could fix it. Upon logging on to her computer I quickly realized that there was more wrong than just a broken game. She | Read More » Its the American Dream fighting on!!

    Quotes that enlighten the youth in colleges that have been brainwashed by professors like the likes of Ayer’s and others, now developed into the Acorn premeditated fraudulent votes. I am from Ohio and know the corruption. Last week I ran into a woman that works in a facility for mentally handicapped. They went in to get signatures and votes. They were run off after discovering. | Read More »

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    How can we elect a man like him?

    America, PLEASE wake up and use your heads!!! How can a man be quailfied to be President when he cannot be cleared to work for the FBI or Secret Service because of his connections?! This will be the worst thing that has happend to this country since 9-11, if Obama gets in office! I am tired of being careful about offending anyone, I am saying | Read More »

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    More than 30,000 Florida convicted felons remain on voter rolls, according to Sun Sentinel investigation,0,3762352.story (Guess you will have to cut and paste the link above; I must not be posting the link correctly. When clicking the link below you get “The URL is not valid.”)

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    Media and what voters want to know

    **Don’t tell me what I want to know..I’ll tell you. I do care about the candidates associations and character. It is important because I don’t want the codes for our National Security in the hands of a terrorist backed, religious hate filled mind! Never Again! John Ashcroft, the only person in history beaten in an election by a dead man.

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings!

    Be careful crowing too much about winning I love it when the democrats take the GOP to lightly. When the main stream media and the printed press are for a candidate, then you know “that one” is not who Americans want. Time and time again we are told what to like, who to like, who is best for us, and what is best for us. | Read More »

    Conservative Voter Registration – Whose doing it?

    I have spent the last two weeks searching the internet in attempt to find some conservative/republican organizations that specialize in voter registration. While I’ve found dozens of them that have a liberal/left leaning, I’ve not been able to find one organization that is out there trying to register conservative leaning individuals. If anyone knows of one, please submit. Thanks.

    Obama secures THUG & all other “non-worker” votes

    Here is the future of our country: College kids…well, you know the old saying: If you’re not a liberal at 20, you don’t have a heart; if you’re not a conservative by 40, you don’t have a brain!!!

    Obama is the “negative” candidate

    The most effective thing that can be done to reach the disenfranchised Clintonistas and the Independents besides nominating Palin as McCain’s veep is to show Obama for the negative candidate that he is. Portraying the GOP candidates as “negative” or “corrupt” has become standard playbook material for the Democrats, and Obama is getting away with it. The Clintonistas slow to return to the party and | Read More »