I’m Not Voting for Mitt and Other Tommyrot

    There is every possibility this could irritate some. At least I hope so. Have you said to either yourself or to others that you are not voting for MItt Romney? That you won’t vote for him because he is not your ideal of a Republican candidate? If so, get over it. Listen, I love Reagan as much as anyone. He got my very first Presidential | Read More »

    No votes to yes votes?

      There are several stories circulating about 9 no votes on the house side considering a yes vote now on the health care bill.  One of those is my current congressman, John Tanner.  He is retiring so of course he no longer cares what we think.  Not that he did much anyway.  So, I have contacted his office to let them know my disagreement with | Read More »

    Guarded optimism

    Okay, so between the late breaking coal scandal and McCain’s momentum, this could pan out. On Rasmussenreports.com, the most reliable pollster for my money, McCain has a lock on 160 electoral votes, while Obama is locked on 260. Now, 21 of those 260 were PA, which dipped down to a 3-4 point lead this week, came up to 6, and has not been polled since | Read More »

    ACORN Work in NV?

    These figures are only for Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas). Democrats are showing 88,664 more registered ACTIVE voters between the 2004 (298,246) and 2008 (386,910) election. Republicans are only showing an increase of 6,710 (254,952 vs. 261,662). Independants are showing an increase of 22,933. These figures make no sense to me and feel that part of it is due to the ACORN effect. I know | Read More »

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    FOLKS, I am weary. I am tired beyond recognition. My bones ache, my legs throb, my eyes burn and my head is pounding.., wha’ ? No, not from working in the coal mines or on the road crew- but from battling the moronic, inbred idiots on Yahoo!Answers. Yep,you read correctly. Now I am aware that there are some that have no idea or even a | Read More »

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    OBAMA IS A RACIST!!WHO IS “OUR”? “This is “our” moment” and “This is “our” time” The above two phrases, in bold all caps, are on the outside front of the envelopes in which I receive weekly letters from Obama, soliciting money for his presidential campaign. “This is “our” moment” and “This is “our” time” The letter contained in the subject envelope contains phrases like; “justice | Read More »