Voter Fraud in Maryland? Machines Change Republican Votes to Democratic

    Voter ID laws are one important facet of ensuring the right to vote is protected, but it’s hardly the only aspect of that fight to which we need to pay attention. Ensuring that our ballots are being counted properly is another vital front in the battle, and the state of Maryland is reminding us of its importance. There are reports across the state of voting | Read More »

    Dem playbook in action, voting machines stealing Colorado

    Some of you may remember how much fun the vote count was in Florida back in 2000. It seemed destined to go on forever until the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in. More of you may remember 2004 the last time we had a brutal get out the vote fight down to the wire. The DNC’s 2004 Colorado Election Manual is a helpful reminder of what Democrats can be expected to do to try win President Obama’s reelection. Page 54 of the manual instructs:

    “If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a pre-emptive strike…”

    With the presidential contest too close to call, Obama’s Justice Department dispatching hundreds of lawyers to 23 states and Democrats having 2,500 lawyers stationed across Ohio, 600 in Cuyahoga County alone, to “monitor” elections there are bound to be more shenanigans than we can imagine. Don’t forget Obama’s Attorney General decided not to go after the New Black Panther Party members who were intimidating voters in 2008.

    So it is troubling that we are hearing numerous reports of voting machines recording votes intended for Romney as votes for Obama.

    Colorado’s KRDO NewsChannel 13 reports that the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office is investigating after more than a dozen Pueblo voters say voting machines switched their pick from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama.

    One Romney voter, told KRDO that when she hit the touchscreen for Romney, a check mark appeared next to Obama’s name. She said she asked for help to fix the problem, but still feels unsure about her vote:

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    No one won NY-23

    (Note: when this diary was started, I was working off of a quote from an election official stating unambiguously that a virus was causing problems in some of the voting machines and that it was not ‘fixed’ in voting machines in use on election night. That statement was later said to be incorrect by other officials; and — possibly limited by resources or simply looking | Read More »

    Not sure what to say, but …

    New here. Just want to ask what kind of action is being taken to address possible voting machine tampering by Obama’s campaign? They have established a track record of: a) interfering with elections by cheating in the democratic primary caucuses; b) hacking into opponents’ web sites to bring them down. Right now, for example, nonpartisan Charles Martin’s “Palin Rumor” page is suffering from intermittent “internal | Read More »