November 3rd: The Day the Work Really Begins

    First, everyone who is eligible and registered to vote should go out and vote.  This is a precious right that Americans have fought and died for.  Failing to make use of it is a travesty.  With that said, be sure you know what the candidates stand for.  Make an informed vote. With all of that aside, remember that we do not go “back to sleep” | Read More »

    America is Dying Right Before Our Very Eyes

    and I am not sure if we can stop it anymore. In todays political environment, sides are split just about even. If 100 million votes are cast, it can be safely guessed that each party will receive roughly half. What decides the eventual winner of the presidential race is the breakdown of states and their electoral college votes. For quite some time, we have been | Read More »

    Polling Underestimates Conservative Tsunami

    When asking questions in these polls, participants are asked to identify which political movement they identify with, and the options from which they must choose are Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Tea Party. When a polling participant supports more than one of the options provided, the uncertainty in choosing which single movement to report as the primary affiliation creates errors in polling data interpretation.   This | Read More »

    Duty of Citizens to Inform Themselves

    I like studying politics.  I like debating the issues and getting down into the details.  An election year is fun because we get more people paying attention.  When is it no longer fun?  Right about now in the final weeks of an election season.  The landscape is littered with campaign signs growing like weeds.  Television and the Internet are loaded with campaign ads filled with | Read More »

    No more 1st Amendment

    I received a warning from the Office of Kay Granger via the District Director Barbara Ragland. I was officially informed that I am no longer welcome in the Fort Worth office of my Congressional representative. I was informed that a letter to that effect was on my way signed by the Congresswoman herself. I was instructed that if I wanted to contact my representative, I | Read More »

    The ‘Youth’ Have Failed The Messiah

    Obama was supposed to have energized “the youth” of this country like no other presidential candidate ever. We were assured that with Obama as president we’d see a revitalization of “the youth” that would respond by streaming to volunteer for public service. And, in expectation of this avalanche of volunteers, and in build-it-they-will-come mode, Obama had passed through Congress his brown-shirt-like Serve America Act that | Read More »

    On restricting the franchise

     A few days ago, several RS contributors discussed how and why the U.S. should consider restricting the “franchise,” i.e. the right to vote.  This semi-unserious discussion was triggered by a recent Rasmussen survey showing that only 53% of Americans believe that capitalism is preferable to socialism.  In fact, this survey shows that for those under 30, it’s almost a dead heat – 37% prefer capitalism, but | Read More »

    Exporting/Expanding BLUE-ism… shaping elections to come.

    Exporting/expanding BLUE-ism (Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, politics)…. Shaping the Electoral Maps of the future…. All of this aside from the growth of illegal activities (read: ACORN, Liberal Judges in ultra-Liberal Districts ordering Polls to remain open late [Early- (and the new Late-) Voting trends], and other [Voting Psychology (Bandwagon and other effects) coupled with MSM bias attempts to mold/shape turnout] hi-jinks) to pad Democrat vote totals… | Read More »

    Report: Premier/Diebold Voting Machines Deleted Ballots

    This week, the State of California completed its investigation into why their electronic voting machines quietly deleted 197 ballots in the November 2008 election in Humboldt County. The loss was discovered only after discrepancies in the vote count were found by the Humboldt County Election Transparency Project, a local watchdog. The investigation report (also: background docs) throws the blame solidly on junk software provided by | Read More »

    Governments gone wild? how’s that working for you? a Big brother or Big sister to Big government.

    Read More »

    Voting twice in Philly

    At least one voter has been observed voting twice under the watchful eye of a Philadelphia poll worker. Listen to the following phone call received by the Honest and Open Election Hotline:We have already heard that Republican Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in Philadelphia.What’s next?

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    Voting: A Privilege and a Duty, not a ‘Right’!

    It recently was reported that a school district in Florida was busing its 18-year-old students to register to vote, and then to the polls for early voting. So you wonder: What has happened to our notion of voting as a privilege and a civic duty undertaken by free individuals in our constitutional republic? Should ‘the state’, in the form of the public schools, be taking | Read More »

    I Voted in Ohio This Morning

    Today is the first day I did not press snooze on my alarm clock in I don’t know how long. I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I rushed to my precinct to sit and wait. Voting in Ohio begins at 6:30am and today I made it there at 5:45am. Slowly as time passed by more and more people arrived to form a | Read More »

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    I Voted

    I voted today; I voted for John McCain for President and a slew of folks at the local level who I thought were good choices too. But, I see a problem in America. A problem that is prevalent on both sides. It is the thought I heard echoed in the woman on the bus — that she needed to elect John McCain to protect her | Read More »

    Why Did I Vote?

    I’m sitting here in Arizona waiting to sleep as I’ve done for the pat 27 years of my life. The “waiting to sleep” part, not always in Arizona. For my entire adult life I’ve spent it at the service of the republic we know as the United States of America in the form of a US Army Soldier. I’ve done that for eight years now | Read More »