Barack Obama’s Wheel of Life

    Click image for full size.Hey, America, is this the kind of President you really want? Barack Obama has a history of friends, business partners, and allies who are Cheats, Embezzlers, Terrorists, and not just Radicals, but cream of the crop Radicals. It is not guilt by association, Obama has participated in deviant schemes with these miscreants. He’s worked to bring the most radical kind of | Read More »

    Voting – Psychology of the “Bandwagon” effect

    The Psychology of “Bandwagon effect” relates, sometimes, in Voting too. You’ve all understood this to some degree, even if you hadn’t thought about it consciously. You’ve seen it in some Presidential Races where the Voting in the Eastern States; a Landslide effect seems to be occurring, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, some would argue this explains Reagan’s landslides but it goes both ways; which | Read More »

    College Students Debate

    Today I got into a debate with one of my friends on the current election in between my classes. In the end of the conversation, that I just had to walk away from, was he saying that every fact that came out of my mouth was not true nor would he believe it. Well, I can’t win with someone who creates their own reality. These | Read More »

    How to end 95% of election fraud, overnight

    **Ever thought of cutting your grass with a scissors when you own a self-propelled lawn mower? Then why are we using pencils and punch cards when we can take close-up photos of Saturn’s rings, and galaxies 100 million light years away?A national identification card that is bar-coded and difficult and expensive to counterfeit. It is linked to the Social Security database or simply a secondary | Read More »

    Your duty to NOT vote

    Actor Leonardo DiCaprio waxes maudlin in a recent Internet video: “‘If you’re not going to vote I don’t even know what to say to you anymore,’ DiCaprio says after the video turns serious. ‘You know you have to vote.'”I argue you have the duty NOT to vote if you are not well-informed of the salient issues before us. That the issues one understands are substantially | Read More »

    I Want To Vote For A Black Man!

    I want to vote for a black man. I would love to vote for a woman for that matter. Or a Jew. Or a paraplegic. In fact, I’d really like to vote for a wheelchair-bound Jewish black woman. That would pretty much forever eliminate this ridiculous argument that America, as a whole, discriminates on the basis of skin color, sex, religion, or physical abilities.I want | Read More »

    Ohio Voting Irregularities

    On TV10 tonight, there was a bit about how Obama is hiring out of state drivers to take voters to Vet’s Memorial. There are Obama signs all over these vehicles and taxis. Is this legal? Just thought you would like to know!!! Failure is not an option. Not on our and your watch.

    Florida optical scan voting

    Call me paranoid but since we gave up our hanging chads we been seeing funky things coming out of florida elections. After 2000 the media screamed everyday we absolutley positively had to have paperless ballots so we got paperless machines. As soon as we started sending democrats to congress litterally the next day the media began to scream we absolutley positively had to have paper | Read More »


    Dishonest Obamanomics

    A fascinating fact about economics is that there are two sides to every action. This holds true whether an individual believes the Government should take care of the populace or if a person thinks the Government should stay out of individual lives. Barrack Obama must understand that no matter what policy he pursues, negative effects abound. The fact that Obama does not share these obvious | Read More »

    None of the Above

    If your boss told you that your evaluation score shows you have an 18% approval rating on the job performance, do you really think you would be up for a raise? Let alone keep your job.It’ time for those in Congress to look for other jobs, because they obviously can’t do the job they were elected to do.**I as an Independent and faithful voter say | Read More »

    What is in the backyard of Obama and Biden

    It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and 30 seconds to destroy it.The media machine is picking away at every morsel of Sarah Palin’s life from her early school years to motherhood, mayor and govenor, but where are the stories of Obama and Biden?*The media tries to connect Palin and McCain to any sort of character that may lead to inpropriety. They send hords | Read More »

    Bob Beckel: Changing Demographics Will Overwhelm Republicans on Election Day

    Bob Beckel argues that demographics favor Obama. He reels off statistics about how many more blacks, young people 18-34, and hispanics there are in key swing states, compared to the Bush margin of victory in 2004. Then he (like Matt Damon) recalls actuarial tables to show that older white Republicans are dying off. His argument is that enough of these groups will vote (and all | Read More »

    No more problems

    *The new voting system in Florida will allow for a paper trail….but the democrats say that the system is not user friendly.Wait a minute, this is the same state that couldn’t use punchcard ballots right. Now the machine that requires you to fill in a circle next to the candidate or issue with a #2 pencil is not user friendly.People of this country have been | Read More »

    A Message to Barrack

    I’ve heard you say on countless occasions that the Republicans are trying to scare people into not voting for you because, “I don’t look like any of the other faces on our money.” Or because, “My name is different”. For the record, Barrack, the only person I have heard say these things about you is YOU!!! You, Barrack, are the only one who is making | Read More »


    I’m neutral in the election doing research on issues that matter to me (wish more people would do the same) but one thing has caught my eye in that it seems the people voting for McCain are either white and/or own a gun and Christian. Is anyone on here who’s voting for McCain a minority and not a Christian? I’m not trying to stir any | Read More »

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