Pope to Biden: End the greed, beware of idolatry

    I do not mean to make light of (my) Pontiff’s words, however considering Senator Biden’s latest gimmick — a release of his tax records, I had to draw his profound lack of charitable giving into comparison. Regarding Pope Benedict’s “idolatry” comments, well I’ll leave it for Sen. Biden to ensure he doesn’t fall any further for The One.As seen above (and noted here by the | Read More »

    Alaskan Palin Perspectives

    I found this local Op-Ed piece quite informative. A refreshing Alaskan perspective from someone who has done their homework (hint: take note MSM). To check to see if my research was valid, I decided to ask the opinion of two longtime friends – both politically astute people I trust. One was the executive assistant to a Republican Alaskan governor, and the other was a Democratic | Read More »

    What if Palin had given Gibson Joe Biden answers?

    The nattering nabobs of nonsense are busy parsing Sarah Palin’s answers to Charlie Gibson’s questions in the first segment of the ABC News interview and proclaiming that she isn’t ready to be vice president, God forbid president of the United States.”She wants to start a war with Russia!” and “She didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is!” they are sneering. Never mind that she never | Read More »

    Get Fred and Rudy to do the VP thing…

    I am liking the McCain campaign’s decision to keep Palin in the bus. Her warmups and star power pack a pretty big punch and certainly assure local coverage, and maybe a few more seconds of national coverage each day. This is the best thing to happen to us in a long time (energy and ethusiasm) and we need to play it for what it’s worth. | Read More »

    Biden banking an awful lot on one “Dating Game” appearance

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com.By now you’ve all heard that Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe “Dunkin Donuts” Biden has asked Jennifer Granholm to stand in as Sarah Palin during his campaign debate prep.  She’ll be calling on her experience in the Hollywood audition room and six years worth of acting the part of a governor well enough to fool the voters, if not job | Read More »

    Volokh: Poor Joe Biden

    Over on the Volokh Conspiracy, Todd Zywicki feels sorry for poor old Joe Biden:

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    I should be nominated as VP!!!

    I am so hot!http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/98/BichonFrisered_background.jpg

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    What a pick for VP

    I was in shock when John McCain made his vice presidential selection last week. I had supported McCain before his vp pick but I wasn’t thrilled. All the republican candidates seemed to lose their personalities once they began to campaign. John seemed wooden and removed. But after hearing Sarah Palin’s speech at the convention last night and seeing John’s face light up like it did | Read More »

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    Biden: Palin is Qualified to be VP

    Joe Biden was asked about Governor Palin’s qualifications:Biden said he doesn’t know (Gov) Palin but, “(everything) I know about her, there’s no reason not to respect her and believe she’s qualified to be the vice president.”More Biden:”If you get elected governor of a state, you’re qualified, and she’s apparently a very popular governor.” Biden said Tuesday night in an interview with the Herald-Tribune. “Qualified to | Read More »

    McCain, the new better choice

    In the stages of the primary campaign, when it was clear that McCain would be the nominee, I as a true conservative came to grips with the fact that McCain, though not truly a conservative was a better choice than ANYTHING the other side had to offer. Yet, with his VP choice, he has further solidified that fact. I thought he needed to go conservative | Read More »

    Palin’s experience vs democrat presidential experience

    My Dad, Ken sent me this, very interesting, especially since they were all democrats.**Here is what I have found. Sara Palin is not alone in being a governor then running for president. Here are some other presidents that have similar backgrounds. Remember, these guys were running for president and not VP.Grover Cleveland, Democrat, Mayor of Buffalo, Gov of New York, PresidentWoodrow Wilson, Democrat, teacher before | Read More »

    Excuse Me, what about Parental Responsibility.

    When Sara Palin was thrust upon the stage last week, my first reaction was she wasn’t who I wanted, but she wasn’t who I didn’t want.Then we began to her about her, how she was a beauty queen who would get up early in the morning to go hunting. Tough as nails against the establishment but was a loving mother of 5 children. She began | Read More »


    The Accomplished Sarah Palin

    Thursday night/Friday morning, on the eve of John McCain’s announcement of who his running mate would be, was an all-nighter for this scribe. I really was tired and sleepy, but I just couldn’t make myself go to bed. Instead I was following this thread of comments on the Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President website. Adam Brickley, who created the site in February of 2007, | Read More »

    There simply is no “right” VP pick.

    First things first. I’m just fine with Sarah Barracuda. I trust she’ll make a fine VP and if necessary, a good President.And I could write the above for any one of the medium list of candidates that McCain had to choose from.

    On Matters of Life, Punishment and Virtues

    In bringing up John McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin… a cohort posited the following declaration in response to Palin being both Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty:”No one can call themselves “pro-life” and support the death penalty.”I address that statement as follows:That is an intellectually unsupportable position. I understand you have picked a side to the discussion. I grant that and will not address it beyond that | Read More »