McCain / Palin 08

    It’s official, Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain has announced that his pick for Vice Presidential candidate will be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

    Dear Lord, Please Let It Be Palin: But Not So Fast. 8:00am Cental

    All the discussion is that it’s Palin…Bob Beckel is devastated and shocked at what it would do the the Dems…but Fox is reporting that she may not have left Alaska after all as of 8:00am, 8/29/2008. All I can say is this…If McCain has played a rope a dope with Republicans and floated this balloon to hide his real nominee…There will be hell to pay | Read More »

    From one American to another

    **Sarah Palin Govenor of Alaska is one I could vote for, and not even Barrack Hussein Obama can top this one. When people speculate about the VP picks, her name came up but only a few times because no one really thought McCain would deveiate from the norm….or was it….the media bias, or maybe a little of that male dominated political world thing. Think outside | Read More »

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    VP Speculation Open Thread

    Happy Birthday to Senator McCain! Consider this your place to speculate wildly on VPs. Most recent updates: 1) Pawlenty is not going to be in Dayton; 2) Romney and Palin are; 3) No word on Cantor, Lieberman and other possibilities. UPDATE (8:17): FOX reports Mitt Romney *not *coming to Dayton and will not be picked. Most speculation is on GOV Palin now.

    BREAKING: Pawlenty won’t be in Dayton today, says “was honored to be considered”

    BREAKING: Pawlenty won’t be in Dayton today, says “was honored to be considered” Gov. Tim Pawlenty said this morning that he will he not be in Dayton, Ohio, today and strongly suggested that he won’t be John McCain’s running mate. “I’m going to be at the [Minnesota] state fair,” Pawlenty said on WCCO just minutes ago. “I will not be in Dayton, Ohio, so I | Read More »

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    MI Morning Update: Obama’s speech, more style than substance…as usual

    67 Days Until Election Day August 29, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: MCCAIN VP PICK…is due out today around 11:00am.  There was unbelievable speculation, theories and conjecture throughout the evening…but nothing more. OBAMA’S SPEECH…the speech is over, the fireworks have faded and the Democratic National Convention is over, but the fact that Barack Obama lacks the experience and temperament to be this country’s commander in chief remains unchanged. | Read More »

    McCain/Romney (leaked on

    This was posted over on by someone claiming to have seen it (and saved it from an) accidental posting on the McCain website Thursday night: Anonymous said: It is Mitt. McCain’s people screwed up and put this up on their website Thursday evening then removed it

    Get Sarah Palin on the phone

    Tonight Barak Obama electrified a crowd and perhaps the nation. No, I’m not some shill for Obama and on my personal blog, I’ve already written why a speech is simply an exercise in teleprompter reading. Obama can read a teleprompter … I get it. But I am not the typical American. The typical American is going to see the glitz, the hype, and the man | Read More »

    Tim Pawlenty Abruptly Cancels Media Interviews in Denver–VP?

    I’m going to join in on the Veepstakes speculation here with something that someone pointed out to me. Could McCain’s VP be Gov. Pawlenty? An interesting article from Yahoo New has this to say: Read it below the fold…

    Three best (and worst) VP choices for McCain

    Top three VP candidates that would help McCain.* Any of these would jazz up the base 1) Pawlenty 2) Romney3) Thompson Top three VP candidates that would hurt McCain* Any of these would depress the base 1) Tom Ridge2) Joe Lieberman3) Kay Bailey Hutchinson These are just my own preferences, of course. One thing I would like to add is that MIKE HUKABEE has been | Read More »

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    Listen to the Architect: McCain Should Go with Romney

    Once again, I find myself at odds with the Directors. I like Cantor and I personally think he’d be great as a VP, but I don’t know if he’s got enough of the resources or name-recognition that people are looking for. Same for Pawlenty. Romney, though a staunch rival of McCain in the primaries, was rather gracious in his CPAC concession, which is something McCain | Read More »

    McCain’s Chosen One(Revealed?)UPDATE

    Fox News is reporting that McCain has indeed chosen his running mate and will appear with him/her tomorrow at 11:00 AM. The identity of McCain’s vice presidential selection is still unknown, but the presumptive GOP presidential nominee made the decision Thursday and is expected to shortly notify his selection, according to campaign manager Rick Davis. So now we wait and continually refresh Marc Ambinder as | Read More »

    *NEW POLL* Mitt Romney helps McCain in Florida!!

    TALLAHASSEE — Joe Biden’s barely a blip. Mitt Romney’s more of a hit. Gov. Charlie Crist should stay where he is. And Joe Lieberman should go away. That’s all according to Mason-Dixon Polling & Research’s latest Florida voter survey gauging the vice presidential picks and possibilities in the presidential race. The poll shows the race is almost dead-even: 45 percent favor Barack Obama and 44 | Read More »

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    The Perfect V.P. Video

    Sarah Palin Campaign Spot I’m aware she’s only in the middle of her first term, but Obama is in the middle of his first term as Senator so at least the Republicans have the sense to place expereince at the top of the ticket. I’m also not sure the accusation that someone in her administration put pressure on the State police to fire of her | Read More »

    John Kasich and Kirsten Powers agree on FOX

    I was watching Hannity tonight, and they had John Kasich and Kirsten Powers on, and while they come from opposite sides of the political spectrum they did seem to agree on one VERY important issue, one of THE most important issues remaining in this campaign, the issue of who will John McCain pick as his running mate. It seems that both Kasich and Powers agree | Read More »