Drudge is reporting McCain has decided on a VP

    I’m sure the pick has been made for several days and was cemented soon after Obama announced his pick. They have had to make travel arrangements for whoever it was.

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    It’s going to be Gov. Pawlenty for McCain’s VP

    You know how sometimes you are suddenly hit by a moment of clarity so certain that all other possibilities seem unlikely? I’ve had such a moment. McCain’s VP will be Pawlenty of Minnesota. Slow your mind down and just think about it for a minute. A) The Republican Convention is in Minneapolis/St.PaulB) Pawlenty is a solid conservative C) It puts Minnesota in play When I | Read More »

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    I’m okay with KBH as the VP

    About Me:Before I get beat up for this diary, let me just clarify that I am a strong conservative and that I generally line up with Redstate. The two areas where I stray are 1) jobs going overseas (and no I have no good answers on what to do about it) and 2) that Carly Fiorinia is a good person/advisor/etc Read Below to see the | Read More »

    On Kay Bailey Hutchinson

    Erick’s Red Hot said No, John, Kay is not Acceptable. As a Texas voter, I agree. I think she’s a good (not great) Senator and may/may not be an improvement in the Governor’s mansion over Rick Perry, but her selection as VP will hurt the McCain campaign: She is Pro-choice. That will deflate the buzz in the social conservative ranks. We (many, not all) are | Read More »

    Keeping Secrets about McCain VP

    By this time last week two days before Obama had made his pick there was a lot of rumors/stories about it being Biden. Yet, the MSM praised the Obama campaign for being tight lipped (and thus well-organized), despite (the Obama campaign) being unable to figure out like Jake Trapper did that once Secret Service protection was given, the secret was out. Make no mistake that | Read More »

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    Townhall.com VP Poll

    Townhall.com is running a VP poll (look for it right under Today’s Funnies, quarter way down mid-page). Click Here (to get there) Romney in lead at 40% and Palin in second… Palin for VP blogspot

    McCain should make an unconventional pick

    I’ve felt since the FL Primary that McCain is going to be the next President. Obama and Hillary the only two real Dem contenders at that point were just too inexperienced. Right now he is basically tied when he should be several points behind. As we get closer to the election and Americans become more familiar with Obama, particularly his complete lack of executive, business, | Read More »

    If not Hillary, then why not Richardson?

    Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has chosen, and his selection of Sen. Joe Biden for the ticket’s second spot has not helped his faltering campaign:

    Four VP Gambits

    1) THE FEMALE GAMBIT — Sarah Palin. Upside: Conservatives will love her. Women will vote for her (not all of them, but some of them just to break the “glass ceiling”). Good campaigner, means Biden will have to be careful in his debate attacks to not be seen bullying and we all know how careful Biden is. Downside: Trooper gate, does she fit McCain’s personality | Read More »

    Lets Discuss Possible Woman VP Candidates

    Lets have a serious discussion on what woman McCain could possibly nominate for VP slot. Please give your pros/cons to them. Gov Palin- many on here seem to have fallen in love with her but she comes from Alaska a lock for GOP and is only in her 1st term of Governor. Has she really been tried and tested? Does her librarian image hurt her? | Read More »

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    Top Five VP Considerations

    I would suggest Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Elizabeth Dole, Charlie Crist, Mitt Romney? Reasons for or Against?!



    If John McCain chooses a Latino running mate, it would ensure a majority of Latinos voting for the G.O.P. for decades to come. Latinos are the swing vote in this election. Their political power will only increase in future elections. Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, John McCain and many other conservative leaders understood this years ago. John McCain’s courageous support for the recent immigration | Read More »

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    In the Interest of Balance

    With all the exultation in Red State over Biden, I figured jptrenn’s diary entry makes a few points. Namely, that Biden’s background is ‘normal’ compared to some of the recent players for the presidency in D.C. Land and McCain should be careful who to pick for his ticket.

    Biden, check. Palin, checkmate.

    I’ve already shown how Sarah Palin would be a smart pick by John McCain to be his running mate. In light of recent events, she’s looking like a smarter selection .The announcement made early this morning by the Obama camp that Delaware Senator Joe Biden is Obama’s choice to share the Democrat presidential ticket with him sets the stage for McCain to name his own | Read More »

    The Case for Chris Cox as McCain’s VP

    What does Christopher Cox bring to the table in terms of executive experience and the economy? A LOT!!What does Christopher Cox bring to the table in terms of legislative experience and the economy? A LOT!!Christopher Cox had a very important role in President Reagan’s White House.What does Chris Cox bring to the table in terms of private sector business experience and education? A LOT!!