Dick Morris is wrong about Mitt Romney

    Dick Morris was once a hotshot consultant who was eagerly sought out by politicians from Bill Clinton to Vincente Fox. Now he’s been reduced to writing columns for the lightly-regarded NewsMax.com. How the mighty have fallen! The major reason for Morris’ downfall is that he’s just been wrong too many times. Morris is the guy who missed the boat in 2003, saying that he “didn’t | Read More »

    Janet Napolitano will be Obama’s VP pick

    TheOne will pick Janet Napolitano, governor of Arizona as his running mate. Don’t laugh. She is smart, middle of the road, with some right of center positions, as well as from the same state as John McCain. They will want to give McCain a run for his money in his own state. She is very popular in her state. This is where the rubber meats | Read More »

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    Rep. Heather Wilson a possible McCain VP

    With all the talk about McCain picking Romney, Pawlenty or Portman as a running mate, I think we shouldn’t ignore some possible dark horses. Case in point, Rep. Heather Wilson (NM-01). She is the only female veteran in congress with a resume that rivals John McCain’s. Plus she has been elected 5 times from a democratic leaning district in the swing state of New Mexico. | Read More »

    Top 10 reasons why McCain should pick Romney

    Ten: Values. Romney has proven himself acceptable to evangelicals on moral issues. His speech on religion was a home run which underlined the bedrock principle that liberty is bound to religious faith: RUSH: I want to start with Mitt Romney today, Mitt Romney’s speech. Frankly, I thought what we saw today, folks, was a Republican candidate for president giving an inspiring speech. It was an | Read More »

    McCain to Pick VP This Week?

    According to Novak (via Drudge), Senator McCain will be announcing his VP pick this week. The most recent favorite for the pick seems to be Mitt Romney. I think it smacks of lack-of-headline desparation while The One soaks up all the political oxygen this week on his world tour. But at the same time, if McCain doesn’t want to start slinging the mud – aka | Read More »

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    Obama’s Running Mate: Hagel

    It’s going to be Chuck Hagel. From a story in today’s Lincoln Journal-Star: A Wall Street Journal report that Sen. Chuck Hagel will accompany Sen. Barack Obama on a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan kicked up a frenzy Friday on credible political blogs.The Journal reported online that two sources confirmed the Nebraska Republican will travel with the Democratic presidential nominee to the war zones. Picking | Read More »

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