Economist: Top Picks for GOP Nomination + No Surprise Over Herman Cain

    When the staid Economist speaks, most folks listen.  And while I was in Vegas at RightOnline, Michelle Malkin sneaked one in on me. Malkin does more than just mention entrepreneur and host Herman Cain, she includes one of my favorite videos of Cain at the conclusion of her story. It’s almost like someone warned her that Cain’s popularity would start to soar later this month. | Read More »

    We Have Much To Be Thankful For In Barack Obama

    [image courtesy the NYT] The health care bill isn’t a foregone conclusion just yet, but I’ve come to terms with the likelihood of its passage. Greater minds than mine know whether any of it can be undone at some point in the future, but what remains in the aftermath of the debate is a newly educated populace. We owe Mr. Obama a debt of gratitude | Read More »

    “Why are Liberals so condescending?”

    Run, do not walk, to your computer (oh, right, you’re already there)… and read this article.  It is brilliant.  It captures the essence of leftist attitudes perfectly.   The author, Gerard Alexander (associate professor of politics at the University of Virginia) describes “four major narratives” that leftists (no, I won’t use “liberal”, just as I steadfastly refuse to use “progressives” – both terms are simply euphemisms for | Read More »

    Thomas the Tank Engine: latest member of the VRWC

    Recently I happened across this ridiculous article over at The Register, which had the ominous headline: Thomas the Tank Engine drives ‘conservative political ideology’ The article begins: Research by the University of Alberta has chillingly revealed that kids’ TV show Thomas and Friends may be engendering a “conservative political ideology” in future generations – a repressive mindset which “punishes individual initiative, opposes critique and change, | Read More »


    Busted: Obama is onto our conspiracy to stop Democrat takeover of American healthcare

    We tried to keep it a secret. Lord knows we did. For at least 3 years conservatives have been lulling the Democrats into thinking we are not the keepers of an over-arching, dark conspiracy to bring America evil things like free markets, deregulation, government of the consenting, free speech, low taxes, small government, freedom of religion, strong national defense, and other evil, arcane, discredited ideas | Read More »

    new IRC channel for RedState readers

    I’ve been reading RedState for several years now, and have thoroughly enjoyed the diaries and discussions we’ve seen here. I often thought it would be fun to actually talk to other RedState regulars through instant messaging. So, this morning, I thought I’d set up an IRC channel, post it in a diary, and see what happens. So, if you’d like to join me and talk | Read More »

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    Operation Manchurian Conservative *REDUX*

    This was originally posted on RS 2.0…I have updated based upon new details of the Mission…Enjoy…It’s Friday….;^) “Operation Manchurian Conservative” John McCain is not what you think. He is not the Liberal in Conservative clothing. Our man John, has been a double agent for quite sometime and his cover has yet to be fully understood. *KEEP READING….TRUST ME….;^)**

    Lawuit Against Obama’s Condidacy

    I haven’t heard of this anywhere except last night from a radio show caller who apparently has more time on his hands than I do and just cruises the internet for this sort of thing. It’s one of those really late night shows that you have to question how crazy the host is just as much as you do the callers. Kind of like Coast | Read More »

    Today’s the first day for VRWC bragging rights, ladies and gentlemen.

    You see, this week almost ten thousand lucky members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy will be getting the ultimate compliment: a targeted attack letter (suitable for framing!) hoping to dissuade them from contributing further. Only the biggest and baddest Republican Death Beasts will qualify, folks – I mean, no chance in heck that I’m getting one; I can’t even afford to watch the table, | Read More »