From Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson: Fascinated by the Tea Party Terrorist narrative, Accuracy in Media took a field trip to a convention in Waco, Texas, to see just how dangerous these people are. We fully expected to be taken hostage by these anti-government, gun-toting, religious radicals.  Instead, we were reminded of the last time the US Government labeled a group domestic terrorists and the | Read More »

    Will This Janet Be Any Better?

    The Chandler Raid was a disaster. Maybe not quite a Waco-like disaster. But a disaster. And just as we wouldn’t want to recycle Janet Reno, Clinton’s attorney general, for another important security/law enforcement position, we don’t want to recycle Janet Napolitano for such a position either. Napolitano is currently governor of Arizona. But she was a Clinton U.S. attorney during the infamous Chandler Raid. In | Read More »

    Military to bolster domestic security

    In a frightening expansion of executive power the United States military is planning to have 20,000 uniformed troops INSIDE the United States by 2011. With congressional approval and funding, the federal government lead by the Bush administration, is riding rough shod over the Posse Comitatus Act passed in 1878.