A Debate About the Mosque Debate

    There have been a lot of knee jerk reactions to the Ground Zero Mosque/Cultural Center. I’ve had my own, which was troubling as I generally don’t care about others’ religion except in the general sense of wanting everyone to go to Heaven. Why we’ve had such visceral reactions is not easy to put into words and most will fail at putting it into words, though | Read More »

    U.S. allies poison us, politely

    I’ve laid low during the election, holding in the anger and warnings knowing that neither McCain nor Obama would make much of it — and worse — that the public cared little to hear it. The Mumbai Massacre, however, has awoken my need to fight back in the small way I can. So please, read the following and understand that the biggest threat comes from | Read More »

    Owls say “who?” Hawks say “how?”

    While reading the National Review Online‘s blog, The Corner, I came across this entry by Lisa Schiffren – Pak help for Afghan “militants” is old news – and I must admit that it set me off: The CIA has known all this forever. Nonetheless, the Agency made a deal with ISI early in the 1980s, which led to funneling covert US money for the Afghan | Read More »

    Kosovo goes Wahhabi

    Between Maliki’s statements and the latest deal with Iran, there is little time or attention left to cover Saudi Arabian Wahhabism. What a pity, too, because while the cat is away, the mice do play. But unlike rather recent stories concerning Sharia law in England, this bit of news comes from the other end of Europe. Serbia, Kosovo and Albania just don’t filter into our | Read More »