Straight Into Darkness

    2010 became the year many Americans realized that the emperor stood shivering in the nude. Liberalism was dead, the Liberals had killed it; what now would the Liberals do? The impact of this Nietzsche-like revelation has awakened the American conscience to the existence of a major crisis. Namely, America is run, lock, stock, and barrel by a set of governments designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. | Read More »

    Walker goes for the trifecta!

    I’ve read a lot of comments from WI union members over the course of the last week and I find it surprising that so many of them seem not to understand the most damaging, to unions, of Walker’s proposed reforms. The unionistas almost exclusively complain about their loss of collective bargaining for everything but base salary and act as though this is their Armageddon. In | Read More »

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    We Don’t Need No Education! We Just Need Our Benefits.

    Madison School Board policy states “teachers shall refrain from exploiting the institutional privileges of their professional positions to promote candidates or parties and activities,” which includes protests. – (HT: Recent Governor Elect, Scott Walker is attempting to rein in the powerful public employee unions in the State of Wisconsin. He has done so in the face of dire necessity. Wisconsin is currently $137M short | Read More »

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    Gay Marriage: Court Decisions from Sodom and Gomorrah

    In a recent court decision, California’s Proposition 8 initiative, which stated that marriage was to be between a man and a woman, has been struck down as unconstitutional. As reported by Fox News, the decision that overruled the voters of California was made by openly gay U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker. Walker, one of three openly gay federal judges in the country, said that the | Read More »

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