In 1800 A.D. (C.E.) there were an estimated one billion humans on the face of the earth. Now, two centuries later, there are about six and one-half billion and increasing exponentially. In 1800 there were no petroleum powered vehicles on or above the earth, no oil, gas or coal fired power plants producing electricity, no highways of macadam or concrete, no useable electric batteries and | Read More »

    The Tumbling House of Climate Cards

    The “scientific consensus” surrounding Global Climate Change is now devolving into a delicious comedy of errors.

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    Grahic: Omniscient Global Cooling Hits Washington D.C.

    Click image to enlarge. Another of my graphics, this one in response to the record snow storm hitting Washington D.C.  I wish this storm would knock some sense into the Democrats’ heads about cap and trade and global warming, but I think they’re just too stubborn to change their minds.  The good news is that so long as the politicians can’t get to work, the | Read More »

    White roofs/roads to battle global warming: question.

    I have just a quick question regarding our new Energy Secretary’s idea to paint the roofs of our houses and the surfaces of our roads white.

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    Any Doubts About Who is Behind “Global Climate Change”? See “The Population Bomb”

    Well, there’s nothing new under the sun. This is especially true when it comes to liberalism and their Marxist friends in the environmental movement. Some of you may have heard the name Paul R. Ehrlich. He is distinguished professor at Stanford University and a leading expert on…the “checkerspot butterfly”. But for the few of us outside of the ‘checkerspot butterfly research community’, Prof. Ehrlich is | Read More »

    The president-elect of change now takes on the sun.

    “Once I take office, you can be sure that the United States will once again engage vigorously in these negotiations and help lead the world toward a new era of global cooperation on climate change,” Obama said. would be nice if all efforts and money spent to date have in effect amounted exactly squat.While the US has rolled merrily on the wheels of its big | Read More »

    A Fella From Canada Has A Message For His Great Uncle Sam

    This evening while posting a vote on Greatwire, I came across this poignant narrative and thought it warranted sharing. The merits of its content are sobering.Regards,Liberty Penn Justiceaka The Red RebelComment by Jim SmallOctober 13th, 2008 at 10:26 pmFirst off, let me tell you I’m Canadian living in Nova Scotia, the welfare state of the country.We voted in our socialist Prime Minister around the time | Read More »

    Obama BS speech today

    In Obama’s speech today he promised to save the planet and all us stupid humans form this man made global warming,some how with a plan to tax energy using a cap and trade program. The weather will change as it always has, regardless of how much money we pay for are energy it seams to me. This is a big con that governments around the | Read More »

    The Death Of ManBearPig

    It’s about to get very cold, literally. All the arm-chair pseudo scientists, who have such dogmatic tunnel vision when it comes to global warming, never both to consider alternate theories of global warming and other factors involved in climate analysis. It’s all man made global warming all the time. Well, this is going to suck: McCain wins, the best we can hope is to delay | Read More »

    An Update on Global Warming

    Given the non-stop barrage of Obama/McCain leading into the conventions the topic of Anthropogenic Global Warming has slipped off the radar screen for pretty much everyone. This is certainly true for the MSM; caught in the throes of a leg tingling big “O”, they can barely stop their panting long enough to remind the public that we are all going to die –soon- from man | Read More »