New lows for Obama and ObamaCare

    A new CBS News poll finds that approvals for both President Obama and his signature legislation, ObamaCare, have “plunged” to record lows.

    Obama’s disapproval rating is now 57 percent. That is the highest disapproval CBS News Polls has ever found for Obama. Worse, only 37% now approve of Obama’s performance as president. That is the lowest approval rating of his presidency, and down from 46% in October — a nine-point drop in just one month.

    Obama’s approval rating dropped by 9% among men, 10% among women and by 11% among Independents.

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    Is Palin Really “Losing Ground”?

    Great piece by Chris Perkins of WRS: Recent interpretations of national polling data have suggested that former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is “losing ground” based on movements in her image rating among all self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents. But what are we really looking at? – FACT: The recent Washington Post/ABC news poll that is the basis the “losing ground” comments still | Read More »