The Palin “Rape Kit Scandal”

    The online left has continued to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Governor Sarah Palin. They are doing so in hopes of sinking the McCain/Palin ticket and preemptively stopping any potential comeback in the polls. One of the favorites of the left is the rape kit. As I linked to before, it is a favorite of AOL Political Machine blogger Tommy Christopher. On Wednesday, | Read More »

    The Democrats next big attack against Palin

    It only makes sense the Obama Campaign is working on ads but I think they’ll wait a bit. If they release them now most people will rightfully dismiss it as more Democrat lies.. You can bet Obama’s lawyers are desperately trying to find a rape victim, while Palin was Mayor, that was charged for her rape kit. The fact that nobody can prove Palin knew | Read More »

    Obama’s Earmark Lies

    I work in construction management in Alaska (18 years) and found the claims of $27 million of earmarks from Mayor Palin of Wasilla, AK, highly questionable. Research proves that the numbers reputed by the left wing media is a smear attack against Governor Sarah Palin. Because the earmarks included “Wasilla” in the description, each is attributed (falsely) to the City Mayor. Many are the Alaska | Read More »

    Sarah Palin and Wasilla: Real People, Real Consequences

    Let’s leave aside, for a time, the ridiculousness of Democrats’ efforts to pretend that Sarah Palin is not the Governor of Alaska, managing an 11 billion dollar budget and 50,000 people. Democrats want to pretend that Governor Palin has never held an office higher than Mayor of Wasilla, and they look foolish doing so. But Wasilla does matter. It is a key part of Governor | Read More »