Watermelon Environmentalists Cause Global Warming

    Brett Stevens was both humorous and thought-provoking when he announced a while back that “Liberalism Caused Global Warming.” I have political evidence that suggests that he may have even had an empirical point. You see there are two types of environmental activists. Honest ones believe that the government should assume greater powers in order to prevent environmental pollution from doing terrible things to people and places they care about. Dishonest environmental activists (AKA Watermelons*) just believe the government should get more power over the lives and wallets of the citizenry. The environment provides an excellent vehicle to usurp power and control the property of other citizens.

    United Nations Climate Chief Christiana Figueres is clearly a dishonest environmental activist. She informs us that Communist China, the world’s leading source of CO2 pollution for several consecutive years since 2007, has the right type of governmental system to fight Global Warming. This can only bring me back to questioning why Christiana Figueres calls herself an environmentalist. If she wants to reduce the extent to which human pollution could potentially warm the terrestrial climate, she should not encourage the world emulate a nation that emits 25% of the world’s industrial CO2 pollution on an annual basis. Not only that, they get about 25% as much GDP per ton of CO2 as the United States and about 13% as much GDP per ton of CO2 as Germany or Japan.

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    It’s easy not being green

    The watermelons (green outside, pink inside) on the left continue to FAIL to get a handle on the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Make a watermelon explode tonight

    One of the few things I miss about television since I gave up my set was watching R. Lee Ermry make watermelons explode on The History Channel. On  his “Mail Call” series and a number of special programs, the Gunnery Sgt.’s favorite pastime is trying out all sorts of firearms from flintlocks to the latest rifles being evaluated as possible replacements for the M16. And | Read More »