Senator McCain: You are NOT John Wayne

    (Inspired by mbecker908 post) Why do I bring up a classic American icon? Because both of you like to wade (sic) into the…debate at the opportune moment. But that where is the comparison ends. You see, John Wayne burst into the room where the villains were hiding with six-guns blazing; no one left except feet first. He didn’t make them sit down in a conference | Read More »

    We, the once silent, People

    I posted the following blog earlier today: Guess it was OK to be an “angry mob” and “Nazi-like” in ’06; if you are a Democrat, of course Remember this State of the Union address? The Democrats gave themselves a standing ovation for shutting down debate and blocking legislation for CHANGE. For reform of Social Security. Funny how that works. They are to be lauded when | Read More »

    Tea Party Afterthoughts

    I spent Wednesday night watching FNC’s coverage of the Tea Parties. The primary event locations were Atlanta and DC. Wednesday afternoon, Neil Cavuto did his show from Sacramento, CA. It was there that Mr. Cavuto made an important observation. What Mr. Cavuto said was that these rallies weren’t only about taxes, that they were driven as much by people feeling that their money was being | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi and the Dam Dems….

    I’m watching CSPAN and listening to Pelosi and her Dems. Does she not really know that this problem was caused by Democratic Bills that forced banks to give money to people who couldn’t afford to pay it back? The CRA, proposed and signed by Jimmy Carter, is the root cause of this problem. Bill Clinton made it worse. John McCain co-sponsered a bill that would | Read More »

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